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The News Is American But Our Memories Are ... Chinese?HILLS, Thomas; SEGEV, Elad.Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (Print). 2014, Vol 65, Num 9, pp 1810-1819, issn 2330-1635, 10 p.Article

Relativism awry: Response to FeyerabendGOODMAN, N.New ideas in psychology. 1984, Vol 2, Num 2, issn 0732-118X, 125Article

Structures, contexts and learningBELL, A.Journal of structural learning. 1984, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 165-171, issn 0022-4774Article

The use of schema theory in the design of instructional materials: a physical exampleHEWSON, P. W; POSNER, G. J.Instructional science. 1984, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 119-139, issn 0020-4277Article

From behaviourism to cognitive behaviourisme to cognitive development: steps in the evolution of instructional designCASE, R; BEREITER, C.Instructional science. 1984, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 141-158, issn 0020-4277Article

The convergence of Kuhn and cognitive psychologyGIBSON, B. S.New ideas in psychology. 1984, Vol 2, Num 3, pp 211-221, issn 0732-118XArticle

AJP forum. Cognitive psychology: a comparative review of textbooksLEWANDOWSKY, S; DUNBAR, K.The American journal of psychology. 1983, Vol 96, Num 3, pp 391-403, issn 0002-9556Article

Modèles mentaux en science cognitive = Mental models in cognitive sciencesJOHNSON-LAIRD, P. N.Bulletin de psychologie. 1987, Vol 41, Num 383, pp 60-88, issn 0007-4403Article

Functionalist and structuralist research programs in developmental psychology incommensurability or synthesis?BEILIN, H.Advances in child development and behavior. 1984, Vol 18, pp 245-257, issn 0065-2407Article

Introduction: cognitive psychology and mathematics educationGREER, B.Journal of structural learning. 1984, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 103-112, issn 0022-4774Article

Origins and range of contemporary cognitive psychologyMANDLER, G.Zeitschrift für Psychologie mit Zeitschrift für angewandte Psychologie. 1984, Vol 192, Num 1, pp 73-85, issn 0044-3409Article

Toward a cognitive schemata theory of self-instructionMARTIN, J.Instructional science. 1984, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 159-180, issn 0020-4277Article

Forgiveness: A Cognitive-Motivational AnatomyMICELI, Maria; CASTELFRANCHI, Cristiano.Journal for the theory of social behaviour. 2011, Vol 41, Num 3, issn 0021-8308, 260-290, 328 [32 p.]Article

A brief summary of cognitive patterns for program comprehensionMURRAY, Adam; LETHBRIDGE, Timothy C.Working conference on reverse engineering. 2004, pp 304-305, isbn 0-7695-2243-2, 1Vol, 2 p.Conference Paper

An interactive programming environment for enhancing learning performanceJAMBALSUREN, Mungunsukh; ZIXUE CHENG.Lecture notes in computer science. 2002, pp 201-212, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-00264-2, 12 p.Conference Paper

The design of web-based instruction: Using online games to self-test web-based instructionFEINBERG, Susan; QUILICO, Lia L.IEEE international professional communication conference. 2002, pp 84-91, isbn 0-7803-7591-2, 8 p.Conference Paper

On the methodology of clarifying confusionDE WIT, H. F.Advances in psychology. 1987, Vol 40, pp 37-48, issn 0166-4115Conference Paper

A change of perspective for cognitive scienceCORCORAN, G. P; MEHMET, A.Advances in psychology. 1987, Vol 40, pp 1-14, issn 0166-4115Conference Paper

A cognitive approach to panicCLARK, D. M.Behaviour research and therapy. 1986, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 461-470, issn 0005-7967Article

Software tools for creating line drawings on a CRTGLAZENBORG, G; SCHREUDER, R.Behavior research methods and instrumentation. 1983, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 453-455, issn 0005-7878Article

Toward Cognitive VehiclesDING WEN; GONGJUN YAN; ZHENG, Nan-Ning et al.IEEE intelligent systems. 2011, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 76-80, issn 1541-1672, 5 p.Article

Intelligent technology for an aging population : The use of AI to assist elders with cognitive impairmentPOLLACK, Martha E.The AI magazine. 2005, Vol 26, Num 2, pp 9-24, issn 0738-4602, 16 p.Article

Understanding global change: a cognitive perspective on communicating through storiesKEARNEY, A. R.Climatic change. 1994, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 419-441, issn 0165-0009Article

Three cognitive theories of depressionBEBBINGTON, P.Psychological medicine (Print). 1985, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 759-769, issn 0033-2917Article

The ethical ramifications of mediation theoryMUSCARI, P. G.Journal of mind and behavior. 1985, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 315-324, issn 0720-6836Article

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