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APPROXIMATION OF THE EMF OF A THERMOCOUPLE Part I. The polynomials of temperature and Runge's phenomenonDREBUSHCHAK, V. A.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2009, Vol 96, Num 1, pp 315-320, issn 1388-6150, 6 p.Article

A transient technique for measuring the effective thermal conductivity of saturated porous media with a constant boundary heat fluxAICHLMAYR, H. T; KULACKI, F. A.Journal of heat transfer. 2006, Vol 128, Num 11, pp 1217-1220, issn 0022-1481, 4 p.Article

Advances in pulsed phase thermographyMALDAGUE, X; GALMICHE, F; ZIADI, A et al.Infrared physics & technology. 2002, Vol 43, Num 3-5, pp 175-181, issn 1350-4495, 7 p.Article

Résultats de l'enquête sur le recensement des thèses sur la thématique METTI depuis 1990 = Theses census on METTI set-of-theme in 1990. Inquire resultsLE NILIOT, Christophe.Derniers développements en inversion de mesures thermiques. Journée. 2002, 12 p.Conference Paper

Surface micromachined polyimide scanning thermocouple probesLI, Mo-Huang; WU, Julius J; GIANCHANDANI, Yogesh B et al.Journal of microelectromechanical systems. 2001, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 3-9, issn 1057-7157Article

Ångström methods applied to simultaneous measurements of thermal diffusivity and heat transfer coefficients : Part 2, ExperimentalMAYLOTTE, D. H; KOSKY, P. G; GALLO, J. P et al.International communications in heat and mass transfer. 1999, Vol 26, Num 8, pp 1061-1068, issn 0735-1933Article

High sensitivity, large area heat flux sensors fabricated using a novel materials and patterning technologyLANGLEY, L. W; MATIJASEVIC, G; GANDHI, P et al.THERMINIC : international workshop on thermal investigations of ICs and microstructures. 1998, pp 87-92, isbn 2-913329-01-2Conference Paper

Symposium on Thermophysical PropertiesHAYNES, W. M; OVERFELT, R. A.International journal of thermophysics. 1998, Vol 19, Num 2, issn 0195-928X, 294 p.Conference Proceedings

The transient hot-wire technique : A numerical approachASSAEL, M. J; KARAGIANNIDIS, L; MALAMATARIS, N et al.International journal of thermophysics. 1998, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 379-389, issn 0195-928XConference Paper

A computer-controlled apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement by the transient hot wire methodVOZAR, L.Journal of thermal analysis. 1996, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 495-505, issn 0368-4466Conference Paper

Conductivité et diffusivité thermique des solides = Thermal conductivity and diffusivity of solidsDEGIOVANNI, Alain.Techniques de l'ingénieur. Mesures et contrôle. 1994, Vol RC3, Num R2850, pp R2850.1-R2850.16, issn 0399-4147Article

Analysis of uncertainties in dynamic thermophysical measurementsCHERNUKHO, E. V.Journal of engineering physics and thermophysics. 2003, Vol 76, Num 4, pp 946-951, issn 1062-0125, 6 p.Article

Heat losses and 3D diffusion phenomena for defect sizing procedures in video pulse thermographyLUDWIG, N; TERUZZI, P.Infrared physics & technology. 2002, Vol 43, Num 3-5, pp 297-301, issn 1350-4495, 5 p.Article

An application of scanning thermal microscopy: mapping near field light-emission of a QW laser diode in operationZHIGANG XIE; LI HAN; FENG WEI et al.Materials science & engineering. A, Structural materials : properties, microstructure and processing. 2000, Vol 292, Num 2, pp 179-182, issn 0921-5093Conference Paper

Investigation on measurement accuracy of the periodic hot-wire method by means of numerical temperature field calculationsGRIESINGER, A; HEIDEMANN, W; HAHNE, E et al.International communications in heat and mass transfer. 1999, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 451-465, issn 0735-1933Article

ELABORATION D'UN CONDUCTIVIMETRE POUR SUPER-ISOLANTS FORTEMENT ANISOTROPES = Development of a guarded hot plate apparatus for highly anisotropic super-insulationDalod, Laurence; Saulnier, Jean-Bernard.1998, 174 p.Thesis

Surveillance cameras steal away the nightOWEN, A.Laser focus world. 1997, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 111-115, issn 1043-8092Article

Computational methods for the determination of thermophysical properties in pulse-heating experimentsRIGHINI, F; SPISIAK, J; BUSSOLINO, G. C et al.High Temperatures. High Pressures (Print). 1997, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 473-480, issn 0018-1544Conference Paper

Application of thermogravimetry in high pressure, high temperature condensable gas environmentsYEON SOO KIM; WANG, W.-E; OLANDER, D. R et al.High Temperatures. High Pressures (Print). 1995, Vol 27-28, Num 5, pp 555-561, issn 0018-1544Article

The accuracy of thermal wave interferometry for the evaluation of thermophysical properties of plasma-sprayed coatingsBENTO, A. C; ALMOND, D. P.Measurement science & technology (Print). 1995, Vol 6, Num 7, pp 1022-1027, issn 0957-0233Article

A study of the dynamic response of a local heat flux probeFIGLIOLA, R. S; SWAMINATHAN, M; BEASLEY, D. E et al.Measurement science & technology (Print). 1993, Vol 4, Num 10, pp 1052-1057, issn 0957-0233Article

A new general-purpose isothermal microcalorimeter for use at temperatures up to 200 °CWADSÖ, Ingemar; WADSÖ, Lars.Thermochimica acta. 2003, Vol 405, Num 1, pp 15-20, issn 0040-6031, 6 p.Article

Conductivité thermique des isolants = Thermal conductivity of insulatorsDE PONTE, Francesco; KLARSFELD, Sorïn.Techniques de l'ingénieur. Mesures et contrôle. 2002, Vol RC3, Num R2930, pp R2930.1-R2930.21, issn 0399-4147Article

Photoacoustic signal dependence on sample-backing thermal resistanceBUKOWSKI, R. J; DOMANOWSKA, A.Heat and mass transfer. 2001, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 77-80, issn 0947-7411Article

Transient hot wire (THW) method: uncertainty assessmentHAMMERSCHMIDT, U; SABUGA, W.International journal of thermophysics. 2000, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 1255-1278, issn 0195-928XArticle

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