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Radiative heat exchange of spherical particles with metal and insulator platesDEDKOV, G. V; KYASOV, A. A.Surface science. 2011, Vol 605, Num 3-4, pp 429-434, issn 0039-6028, 6 p.Article

Interference effects in negative luminescence and thermal radiation of planar semiconductor structuresKOLLYUKH, O. G; LIPTUGA, A. I; MOROZHENKO, V et al.Journal of luminescence. 2010, Vol 130, Num 5, pp 869-871, issn 0022-2313, 3 p.Article

High-visibility, high-order lensless ghost imaging with thermal lightCHEN, Xi-Hao; AGAFONOV, Ivan N; LUO, Kai-Hong et al.Optics letters. 2010, Vol 35, Num 8, pp 1166-1168, issn 0146-9592, 3 p.Article

Interference of spectral lines in thermal radiation from the lower atmosphere of venusAFANASENKO, T. S; RODIN, A. V.Astronomy letters (Print). 2007, Vol 33, Num 3, pp 203-210, issn 1063-7737, 8 p.Article

Analysis of the screening of hydrogen flares and flames thermal radiation with water spraysDEMBELE, Siaka; WEN, Jennifer X.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 11, pp 6146-6159, issn 0360-3199, 14 p.Conference Paper

Influence of chemical reaction and thermal radiation on mixed convection heat and mass transfer over a stretching sheet in Darcian porous medium with Soret and Dufour effectsPAL, Dulal; MONDAL, Hiranmoy.Energy conversion and management. 2012, Vol 62, pp 102-108, issn 0196-8904, 7 p.Article

Laser-fiberoptic non-contact controlled heating of samples for thermoluminescence measurementsGAYER, Ofer; KATZIR, Abraham.Journal of luminescence. 2005, Vol 113, Num 1-2, pp 151-155, issn 0022-2313, 5 p.Article

Heat reduction of concentrator photovoltaic module using high radiation coatingNISHIOKA, Kensuke; OTA, Yasuyuki; TAMURA, Kazuyuki et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2013, Vol 215, pp 472-475, issn 0257-8972, 4 p.Conference Paper

Higher-dimensional violations of the holographic entropy boundHOD, Shahar.Physics letters. Section B. 2011, Vol 695, Num 1-4, pp 294-297, issn 0370-2693, 4 p.Article

Simulation of realistic infrared texture of aeolian sand ripplesLIU QIAN; ZHU FENG; LONG, Xiao-Wei et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2011, Vol 8193, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-8834-3, 819308.1-819308.10, 2Conference Paper

Broadband Source for Multispectral Imager CharacterizationMAZZETTA, Jason A; MEDINA, Miguel A; SCOPATZ, Stephen D et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2011, Vol 8048, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-8622-6, 80480N.1-80480N.11Conference Paper

Fission fragment production from uranium carbide disc targetsANDRIGHETTO, A; CEVOLANI, S; PETROVICH, C et al.The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei. 2005, Vol 25, Num 1, pp 41-47, 7 p.Article

Formation of the accretion disk in the SS 433 system with explicit radiative cooling, convective heat conduction, and radiation pressureNAZARENKO, V. V; GLAZUNOVA, L. V.Astronomy reports. 2005, Vol 49, Num 10, pp 826-836, issn 1063-7729, 11 p.Article

III. Volume thermal radiation and absorption of water : Theoretical calculations of water's specific heat capacity dependence on temperature within the interval of 0° to 75°CAJVAZYAN, H. M.International journal of infrared and millimeter waves. 1996, Vol 17, Num 3, pp 625-658, issn 0195-9271Article

The black body and the dulong and petit lawOUDET, Xavier.Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie. 2005, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 97-108, issn 0182-4295, 12 p.Article

Design of coherent thermal sources of radiationGREFFET, J.-J; CANNINATI, R; JOULAIN, K et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 435-440, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

The thermodynamical approach to the back reaction problemCHAO GUANG HUANG; LIAO LIU; ZHENG ZHAO et al.General relativity and gravitation. 1993, Vol 25, Num 12, pp 1267-1275, issn 0001-7701Article

Thermal radiation control in the terahertz region using the spoof surface plasmon modeUEBA, Yosuke; TAKAHARA, Junichi; NAGATSUMA, Tadao et al.Optics letters. 2011, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 909-911, issn 0146-9592, 3 p.Article

Design of a quick response SMA actuated segmented nut for space release applicationsZHANG, Xiaoyong; YAN, Xiaojun; YANG, Qiaolong et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2010, Vol 7647, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-8062-0 0-8194-8062-2, 764738.1-764738.9, 2Conference Paper

Revisiting an idea of G D Botto : a solar thermoelectric generatorDE LUCA, R; GANCI, S; ZOZZARO, P et al.European journal of physics. 2008, Vol 29, Num 6, pp 1295-1300, issn 0143-0807, 6 p.Article

Experimental Determination of Spectral Transmittance of Porous Cerium Dioxide in the Range 900―1700 nmGANESAN, Krithiga; LIPINSKI, Wojciech.Journal of heat transfer. 2011, Vol 133, Num 10, issn 0022-1481, 104501.1-104501.6Article


Very large array observations of Jupiter's nonthermal radiationDE PATER, I; JAFFE, W. J.The Astrophysical journal. Supplement series. 1984, Vol 54, Num 3, pp 405-419, issn 0067-0049Article

Thermal and nonthermal radio emission from the Small Magellanic CloudLOISEAU, N; KLEIN, U; GREYBE, A et al.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1987, Vol 178, Num 1-2, pp 62-76, issn 0004-6361Article

INFRARED EMISSION FROM HEATED MICROCANTILEVERSKWON, B; SCHULMERICH, M. V; BHARGAVA, R et al.Nanoscale and microscale thermophysical engineering. 2013, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 141-153, issn 1556-7265, 13 p.Article

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