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Genetic Polymorphisms in the Cytokine and Chemokine System: Their Possible Importance in Allogeneic Stem Cell TransplantationLOEFFLER, Juergen; OK, Michael; MORTON, Oliver C et al.Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology. 2010, Vol 341, pp 83-96, issn 0070-217X, 14 p.Article

Leukocyte adhesion in the liver : Distinct adhesion paradigm from other organsLEE, Woo-Yong; KUBES, Paul.Journal of hepatology. 2008, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 504-512, issn 0168-8278, 9 p.Article

IL-13 production by donor T cells is prognostic of acute graft-versus-host disease following unrelated donor stem cell transplantationJORDAN, William J; BROOKES, Paul A; SZYDLO, Richard M et al.Blood. 2004, Vol 103, Num 2, pp 717-724, issn 0006-4971, 8 p.Article

Role of the microenvironment in immune responses to transplantationWRENSHALL, Lucile.Springer seminars in immunopathology. 2003, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 199-213, issn 0344-4325, 15 p.Article

Thrombopoietin is a major limiting factor for selective outgrowth of human umbilical cord blood cells in non-obese diabetic/severe combined immunodeficient recipient miceVERSTEGEN, Monioue M. A; WOGNUM, Albertus W; WAGEMAKER, Gerard et al.British journal of haematology. 2003, Vol 122, Num 5, pp 837-846, issn 0007-1048, 10 p.Article

Tolerance induction to a mammalian blood group-like carbohydrate antigen by syngeneic lymphocytes expressing the antigenOGAWA, Haruko; YIN, Deng-Ping; SHEN, Jikun et al.Blood. 2003, Vol 101, Num 6, pp 2318-2320, issn 0006-4971, 3 p.Article

Donor-derived Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Organ Transplantation: Chimerism and ToleranceTransplantation. 2003, Vol 75, Num 9, issn 0041-1337, 61 p.Conference Proceedings

Chimerism in organ transplantation: Conflicting experiments and clinical observationsMONACO, Anthony P; MEDAWAR, Peter.Transplantation. 2003, Vol 75, Num 9, pp 13S-16S, issn 0041-1337Conference Paper

Administration of donor apoptotic cells: An alternative cell-based therapy to induce tolerance?KLEINCLAUSS, Francois; PERRUCHE, Sylvain; CAHN, Jean-Yves et al.Transplantation. 2003, Vol 75, Num 9, pp 43S-45S, issn 0041-1337Conference Paper

Early reduction in number of T cells producing proinflammatory cytokines, observed after extracorporeal photopheresis, is not linked to apoptosis inductionBLADON, J; TAYLOR, P. C.Transplantation proceedings. 2003, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 1328-1332, issn 0041-1345, 5 p.Article

Dose-dependent inhibition of complement in baboons by vaccinia virus complement control protein: Implications in xenotransplantationKAHN, D; SMITH, S. A; KOTWAL, G. J et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2003, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 1606-1608, issn 0041-1345, 3 p.Article

Cell-cycle regulation of T-cell responses: novel approaches to the control of alloimmunityWELLS, Andrew D.Immunological reviews. 2003, Vol 196, pp 25-36, issn 0105-2896, 12 p.Article

Transplantation ImmunobiologyTURKA, Laurence A; HANCOCK, Wayne W.Immunological reviews. 2003, Vol 196, issn 0105-2896, 264 p.Serial Issue

The role of B cells and alloantibody in the host response to human organ allograftsVONGWIWATANA, Attapong; TASANARONG, Adis; HIDALGO, Luis G et al.Immunological reviews. 2003, Vol 196, pp 197-218, issn 0105-2896, 22 p.Article

Repopulation of donor heart by recipient bone marrow-derived dendritic cells prior to transplantation causes acute rejection by both the allogeneic and syngeneic recipientMAKSYMOWICZ, M; OLSZEWSKI, W. L; CYBULSKA, E et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2003, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 2374-2375, issn 0041-1345, 2 p.Conference Paper

Role of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells from naive host thymus in the induction of acquired transplant tolerance by immunization with allo-major histocompatibility complex peptideOLUWOLE, Olakunle O; DEPAZ, Hector A; ADEYERI, Ayotunde et al.Transplantation. 2003, Vol 75, Num 8, pp 1136-1142, issn 0041-1337, 7 p.Conference Paper

Tolerance and chimerismKOLB, Hans-Jochem; GUENTHER, Wolfgang; GYURKOCZA, Boglarka et al.Transplantation. 2003, Vol 75, Num 9, pp 26S-31S, issn 0041-1337Conference Paper

Analysis of the control of the anti-gal immune response in a non-human primate by galactose α1-3 galactose trisaccharide-polyethylene glycol conjugateDIAMOND, Lisa E; BYRNE, Guerard W; SCHWARZ, Alexander et al.Transplantation. 2002, Vol 73, Num 11, pp 1780-1787, issn 0041-1337Article

Chlamydia pneumoniae respiratory infection after allogeneic stem cell transplantationGEISLER, William M; COREY, Lawrence.Transplantation. 2002, Vol 73, Num 6, pp 1002-1005, issn 0041-1337Article

Clinical tolerance after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A study of influencing factorsHENTSCHKE, Patrik; REMBERGER, Mats; MATTSSON, Jonas et al.Transplantation. 2002, Vol 73, Num 6, pp 930-936, issn 0041-1337Article

Comparison of Ab-/-β, H2-DM-, and CIITA-/- in second-set skin allograft rejectionFELIX, Nathan J; DE SERRES, Suzan; MEYER, Anthony A et al.The Journal of surgical research. 2002, Vol 102, Num 2, pp 185-192, issn 0022-4804Article

Flavonoids exert diverse inhibitory effects on the activation of NF-κBMURAOKA, K; SHIMIZU, K; SUN, X et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2002, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 1335-1340, issn 0041-1345Article

Cavoportal hemitransposition: Patient selection criteria and outcomeURBANI, L; CIONI, R; CATALANO, G et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2002, Vol 34, Num 8, pp 3331-3333, issn 0041-1345, 3 p.Article

Organ donors with positive viral serology or malignancy: Risk of disease transmission by transplantationFENG, Sandy; BUELL, Joseph F; METZGER, Robert A et al.Transplantation. 2002, Vol 74, Num 12, pp 1657-1663, issn 0041-1337, 7 p.Article

Differentiation and functional maturation of human CD14+ adherent peripheral blood monocytes by xenogeneic endothelial cells: Up-regulation of costimulation, cytokine generation, and toll-like receptorsPARTHA PRATIM MANNA; STEWARD, Nancy; LOWELL, Jeffrey et al.Transplantation. 2002, Vol 74, Num 2, pp 243-252, issn 0041-1337Article

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