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Statistical data processing in developing countries: infrastructure considerations = Traitement des données statistiques dans les pays en développement: problèmes d'infrastructureSADOWSKY, G.Computers, environment and urban systems. 1989, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 269-289, issn 0198-9715Article

Data processing: Coming of ageHart's E & P. 2004, Vol 77, Num 10, pp 46-48, issn 1527-4063, 3 p.Article

Data and image processing for a simultaneous time-and spectrum-resolved multifocal multiphoton microsocopyZHE FU; JUNLE QU; ZIYANG LIN et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2007, pp 65341S.1-65341S.8, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-6656-3, 2VolConference Paper

SensoMineR : un package pour le traitement de données sensorielles avec RHUSSON, F; LE, S.Sciences des aliments. 2006, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 355-356, issn 0240-8813, 2 p.Article

The correlation of engineering dataROWE, Peter.Chemical engineer (London). 2001, Num 719, pp 54-56, issn 0302-0797Article

Data management in engineering geology = Gestion des données en géologie de l'ingénieurHERBERT, S. M.Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology. 1987, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 103-104, issn 0481-2085Article

Sistema interaktivnoj podgotovki iskhodnykh dannykh dlya obrabotki vektornykh izmerenij metodom perekhodnykh protsessovGOKHBERG, A. L.Izvestiâ vysših učebnyh zavedenij. Geologiâ i razvedka. 1986, Num 12, pp 108-110, issn 0016-7762Article

MSeasy: unsupervised and untargeted GC-MS data processingNICOLE, Florence; GUITTON, Yann; COURTOIS, Elodie A et al.Bioinformatics (Oxford. Print). 2012, Vol 28, Num 17, pp 2278-2280, issn 1367-4803, 3 p.Article

Verteilter - dynamischer - skalierbarer: Intelligente Netzwerke erfordern lokale Datenverwaltung = More distributed - more dynamic - more scalable: Intelligent networks require local data administrationHOTTI, Timo; VALTANEN, Ari.Embedded engineering. 2002, Num 2, pp 31-33, issn 1616-3370Article

An asymptotically least-favorable Chernoff bound for a large class of dependent data processesSADOWSKY, J. S.IEEE transactions on information theory. 1987, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 52-61, issn 0018-9448Conference Paper

Open systems application layer standards for text and office systemsCAMPBELL-GRANT, I. R.Journal of the Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers. 1986, Vol 56, Num 6-7, pp 233-236, issn 0267-1689Article

iSeismometer: A geoscientific iPhone applicationTAKEUCHI, Kiichi; KENNELLY, Patrick J.Computers & geosciences. 2010, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 573-575, issn 0098-3004, 3 p.Article

An analysis of the Karp-Rabin string matching algorithmGONNET, G. H; BAEZA-YATES, R. A.Information processing letters. 1990, Vol 34, Num 5, pp 271-274, issn 0020-0190Article

Thoughts on choosing GIS software = Sur le choix d'un logiciel GISGREENWOOD, P. H.Tegniese verslag - Nasionale Navorsingsinstituut vir Wiskundige Wetenskappe. 1989, Num 14, issn 1011-7202, 8 p.Serial Issue

Détermination automatique de l'hypocentre par le Système d'Analyse des Précurseurs de SéismesHORI, S; MATSUMURA, S.1988, Num 41, pp 89-100, issn 0386-3360Article

Integrated Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Data MiningCHENG, TAO.Geoinformatica (Dordrecht). 2012, Vol 16, Num 4, issn 1384-6175, 69 p.Serial Issue

Consultation interactive d'illustrations archivées sur ordinateur = Interactive consultation of computer-stored illustrationsRéunion des Sciences de la Terre. 1996, Num 16, 183Conference Paper

A software tool for processing seismic dataBIBBO, J; ETTER, D; BREDING, D et al.Computers & geosciences. 1991, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 301-305, issn 0098-3004Article

Saisie, traitement et gestion d'informations géographiquesKRESSE, W.Géomètre. 1987, Vol 130, Num 6, pp 60-63, issn 0016-7967Article

A computer-based datalogging system used to investigate the infiltration process under natural rainfall conditions = Un système d'enregistrement des données au moyen d'un ordinateur pour étudier le phénomène de l'infiltration dans des conditions naturelles de pluiesESSERY, C. I; WILCOCK, D. N; MCCLEAN, W et al.Hydrological processes. 1987, Vol 1, Num 3, pp 283-292, issn 0885-6087Article

Entity sorts: what are they?MATERNA, P.Computers and artificial intelligence. 1987, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 321-324, issn 0232-0274Article

Regional treatment of flood data = Traitement régional des données des cruesMIMIKOU, M.International symposium on flood frequency and risk analyses. 1987, pp 91-101Conference Paper

Semantic and Conceptual Issues in Geographic Information SystemsZIMANYI, Esteban.Geoinformatica (Dordrecht). 2010, Vol 14, Num 3, issn 1384-6175, 129 p.Serial Issue

Geology and Information TechnologyDE DONATIS, Mauro; D'AMBROGI, Chiara.Geoinformatica (Dordrecht). 2009, Vol 13, Num 3, issn 1384-6175, 106 p.Conference Proceedings

Vertical hydrophone arrays solve challenges of transition zone seismic acquisitionMOLDOVEANU, Nick; SPRADLEY, Mike.World oil. 2004, Vol 225, Num 7, pp 89-93, issn 0043-8790, 3 p.Article

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