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Annotated Triassic literature = Bibliographie annotée sur le TriasKERP, H.1990, Num 8, pp 47-53, issn 0169-4324, 7 p.Article

Annotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1993, Num 11, pp 44-63, issn 0169-4324Article

Annotated Triassic literature = Littérature triasique annotéeBOERSMA, M.1988, Num 7, pp 21-53, issn 0169-4324Article

Discussion of Triassic chronostratigraphic divisions must continueTOZER, E.T.1994, Num 13, pp 49-50, issn 0169-4324Article

Triassic stage terminology = Terminologie du TriasTOZER, E.T.1986, Num 5, pp 10-14, issn 0169-4324Article

Annotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1992, Num 10, pp 49-86, issn 0169-4324Article

Anotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1993, Num 12, pp 60-86, issn 0169-4324Article

Annotated triassic literature = Bibliographie annotée du TriasBOERSMA, M.1986, Num 5, pp 24-44, issn 0169-4324Article

Paleomagnetic data from Triassic strata, Zuni uplift, New Mexico : Further evidence of large-magnitude Triassic apparent polar wander of North AmericaMOLINA GARZA, R. S; GEISSMAN, J. W; GOMEZ, A et al.Journal of geophysical research. 1998, Vol 103, Num B10, pp 24189-24200, issn 0148-0227Article

Siberian Triassic florasMOGUTCHEVA, N.K.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.113, 16-BConference Paper

The European Triassic floraGRAUVOGEL-STAMM, L.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.69, 16-BConference Paper

The Gondwana Triassic floraANDERSON, H.M.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.6, 16-BConference Paper

An alternative interpretation of the Rhaetian = Une interprétation alternative du RhétienDAGYS, A.1988, Num 7, pp 4-6, issn 0169-4324Article

A defence of the Rhaetian stage = Défense de l'étage rhétienAGER, D.1987, Num 6, pp 4-13, issn 0169-4324Article

Novye nakhodki sredne-i verkhnetriasovykh otlozhenij v koryakskom nagor'eBRAGIN, N. YU; GRIGOR'EV, V. N; KRYLOV, K. A et al.Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR. 1986, Vol 290, Num 3, pp 681-683, issn 0002-3264Article

Toward a vertebrate biochronology of the Triassic = Vers une biochronologie des vertébrés du TriasLUCAS, S.A.1990, Num 8, pp 36-41, issn 0169-4324, 6 p.Article

Cranial anatomy of the Cynodont Reptile Thrinaxodon liorhinus = Anatomie cranienne du reptile cynodonte Thrinaxodon liorhinusESTES, R.Bulletin of the Museum of comparative Zoology, Harvard College. 1961, Vol 125, Num 6, pp 165-180, 16 p.Article

Triassic chronostratigraphic divisions considered againTOZER, E.T.1993, Num 11, pp 32-37, issn 0169-4324Article

Asian triassic florasDOBRUSKINA, I.A.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.50, 16-BConference Paper

A Rhaetian stage - chronostratigraphy, subdivisions and their intercontinental correlation = Le Rhétien: chronostratigraphie, subdivisions et leur corrélation intercontinentaleKRYSTYN, L.1990, Num 8, pp 15-24, issn 0169-4324, 10 p.Article

Paleogeography of Viet Nam during the TriassicVU KHUC.1990, Num 59, pp 54-55, issn 0082-8114, 2 p.Article

Vendosja transgresive e formacionit konglomerato-ranoro-kuarcor mbi formacionin terrigjeno-rreshpor dhe formacionin vulkanogjeno-sedimentar në rajonin e Gashit = The transgressive emplacement of the comglomerate-sandstone-quartzous formation on the terrigene-schistous and volcanogene-sedimentary one in Gashi regionHOXHA, J; MECO, S; MATOSHI, A et al.Buletini i shkencave gjeologjike. 1990, Num 4, pp 11-18, issn 0254-5276Article

Dogmatism versus pragmatism in the Rhaetian stage = Dogmatisme contre pragmatisme dans l'étage RhétienAGER, D.1988, Num 7, issn 0169-4324, 16Article

Basic moments in the development of the foraminifers during the Triassic in Bulgaria = Moments essentiels dans l'évolution des foraminifères au cours du Trias en BulgarieTRIFONOVA, E.Geologica balcanica. 1987, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 73-77, issn 0324-0894Article

Stratigrafia dhe kushtet e formimit të depozitimeve triasike në Albanidet Lindore = Stratigraphie et condition de formation des dépôts triasiques des Albanides orientalesGJATA, T; THEODORI, P; KICI, V et al.Buletini i shkencave gjeologjike. 1987, Num 2, pp 79-90, issn 0254-5276Article

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