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Immunologic response to the treatment of Ehrlich ascites tumor with titanocene dichlorideKÖPF-MAIER, P; HESSE, A.Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology. 1984, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 254-255, issn 0171-5216Article

Naloxone as an adjuvant in chemotherapy of an experimental tumorSJÖLANDER, V; RONQUIST, G; HUGOSSON, R et al.Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology. 1984, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 246-248, issn 0171-5216Article

Cytochrome P450 isozyme distribution in normal and tumor-bearing hepatic tissue from rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)LORENZANA, R. M; HEDSTROM, O. R; GALLAGHER, J. A et al.Experimental and molecular pathology. 1989, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 348-361, issn 0014-4800, 14 p.Article

Tribute to Harold Leroy stewart scientist emeritus, registry of the experimental cancers, National Cancer InstituteCOHEN, S. L.Journal of experimental pathology. 1987, Vol 3, Num 2, pp 91-94, issn 0730-8485Article

Establishment and characterization of seven dunning rat prostatic cancer cell lines and their use in developing methods for predicting metastatic abilities of prostatic cancersISAACS, J. T; ISAACS, W. B; FEITZ, W. F. J et al.The Prostate. 1986, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 261-281, issn 0270-4137Article

Distribution of 46Sc and 51Cr in tumor-bearing animals and the mechanism for accumulation in tumor and liverANDO, A; ANDO, I; YAMADA, N et al.Nuclear medicine and biology. 1987, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 143-151, issn 0969-8051Article

Growth of human bronchial carcinomas in nude miceMATTERN, J; JAGER, S; SONKA, J et al.British journal of cancer. 1985, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 195-200, issn 0007-0920Article

On the representativeness assumption in prevalence tests of carcinogenicityLAGAKOS, S. W; RYAN, L. M.Applied statistics. 1985, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 54-62, issn 0035-9254Article

Prévision de chimiosensibilité des cancers spino-cellulaires récidivés de la tête et du cou: par xénogreffes sous la capsule rénale de souris syngénique = Recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: prediction of their chromosensitivity by xenografts beneath the renal capsule of syngeneic miceFAVRE, R; MAROTIA, L; HENIN, Y et al.La Presse médicale (1983). 1985, Vol 14, Num 38, issn 0755-4982, 1973Article

Characterization of the heterogeneity of R3327 rat prostatic tumors derived from single-cell clonesTHOMPSON, S. A; JOHNSON, M. P; HEIDGER, P. M. JR et al.The Prostate. 1985, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 369-387, issn 0270-4137Article

Prostate cancer in a Sprague-Dawley ratPOLLARD, M; LUCKERT, P. H.The Prostate. 1985, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 389-393, issn 0270-4137Article

Malignant fibrous histiocytoma in rates at sites of implanted millipore filtersGREAVES, P; MARTIN, J.-M; RABEMAMPIANINA, Y et al.The American journal of pathology. 1985, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 207-214, issn 0002-9440Article

Proliferation of dunning R-3327 rat prostatic adenocarcinoma and of its sublines (CUA and CUB)WAKISAKA, M; MIYAUCHI, T; HARA, S et al.The Prostate. 1986, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 381-391, issn 0270-4137Article

A human embryonal-yolk sac carcinoma model system in athymic miceVOGELZANG, N. J; BRONSON, D; SAVINO, D et al.Cancer. 1985, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 2584-2593, issn 0008-543XArticle

Effect of bestatin on syngeneic tumors in mice = Effet de la bestatine sur les tumeurs syngéniques des sourisABE, F; SHIBUYA, K; UCHIDA, M et al.Gann. 1984, Vol 75, Num 1, pp 89-94, issn 0016-450XArticle

Hypomethylation of DNA in ethionine-fed ratsNARAYAN SHIVAPURKAR; WILSON, M. J; POIRIER, L. A et al.Carcinogenesis (New York. Print). 1984, Vol 5, Num 8, pp 989-992, issn 0143-3334Article

Induction of sarcomas in rats by subcutaneous injection of dinitropyrenes = Induction de sarcomes chez les rats par injection souscutanée de dinitropyrènesOHGAKI, H; NEGISHI, C; WAKABAYASHI, K et al.Carcinogenesis (New York. Print). 1984, Vol 5, Num 5, pp 583-585, issn 0143-3334Article

Direct demonstration of instabilities in oxygen concentrations within the extravascular compartment of an experimental tumorLANZEN, Jennifer; BRAUN, Rod D; KIITZMAN, Bruce et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 2006, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 2219-2223, issn 0008-5472, 5 p.Article

Distribution of different sized microspheres in experimental hepatic tumoursMEADE, V. M; BURTON, M. A; GRAY, B. N et al.European journal of cancer & clinical oncology. 1987, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 37-41, issn 0277-5379Article

The Perugia Division of Cancer Research and Harold Leroy StewartSEVRI, L.Journal of experimental pathology. 1987, Vol 3, Num 2, pp 95-103, issn 0730-8485Article

Binding of epidermal growth factor and insulin and the autophosphorylation of their receptors in experimental primary hepatocellular carcinomasLEV-RAN, A; CARR, B. I; HWANG, D. L et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 1986, Vol 46, Num 9, pp 4656-4659, issn 0008-5472Article

A review of α/8.8 ratios for experimental tumors: implications for clinical studies of altered fractionationWILLIAMS, M. V; DENEKAMP, J; FOWLER, J. F et al.International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 1985, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 87-96, issn 0360-3016Article

Carcinogenesis by nonmutagenic chemicals: early response of rat liver cells induced by methapyrileneIYPE, P. T; BUCANA, C. D; KELLEY, S. P et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 1985, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 2184-2191, issn 0008-5472Article

Chondroclasts in Fusarium-induced tibial dychondroplasia: a histomorphometric studyLAWLER, E. M; FLETCHER, T. F; WALSER, M. M et al.The American journal of pathology. 1985, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 276-281, issn 0002-9440Article

The paradoxical effect of vitamin C on benzo [a] pyrene-induced tumors and malignancyKALLISTRATOS, G; DONOS, A; EVANGELOU, A et al.Naturwissenschaften. 1984, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 160-161, issn 0028-1042Article

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