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Research on Teaching and the Theory and Practice in Teacher Training: Unterrichtsforschung und die Theorie und Praxis in der Lehrerausbildung1982, 151 p., isbn 951-45-2658-9Book

Views on the Implementation of the Curriculum. Experiences of the Finnish Practice in Discussions on Some Educational Issues. IIKANSANEN, P.1988, pp. 5-17, isbn 951-45-4696-2Report

Wie konnen sich die finnischen Schüler der Schuljahre 7 bis 9 die alltäglichen Phänomene der Wärmelehre erklären. Comment les élèves finlandais de 7 à 9 ans peuvent s'expliquer les phénomènes quotidiens de thermologieERATUULI, M.1988, 28 p.Report

Evaluation of Coercive Elements in Education in Discussions on Some Educational IssuesAIRAKSINEN, T.1985, pp. 31-44, isbn 951-45-4773-XReport

Education of Secondary School Teachers and Research Concerning their Education in Finland in Discussions on Some Educational IssuesNIEMI, H.1985, pp. 57-79, isbn 951-45-4773-XReport

Notes on Curriculum Research in the Sociology of Education in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumANTIKAINEN, A.1988, pp. 11-26, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

The Operational Structure of School Curriculum in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumMALINEN, P.1988, pp. 69-94, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

The Role of the Curriculum in the Formation of the World View in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumSUORTTI, J.1988, pp. 117-129, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

Has Somebody Hidden the Curriculum? The Curriculum as a Point of Intersection between the Utopia of Civic Society and the State Control in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumRINNE, R.1988, pp. 95-116, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

Problemhafter Unterricht im Fach Physik mit dem Ziel des Auslosens schopferischen Lernens in Discussions on Some Educational Issues. II. Enseignement des problèmes de la physique dans le but de déclencher l'apprentissage créatifLECHNER, H.1988, pp. 29-53, isbn 951-45-4696-2Report

Modalization Processes in Student Biographies in Discussions on Some Educational Issues. IIKOKEMOHR, R.1988, pp. 19-28, isbn 951-45-4696-2Report

Philosophy from the Viewpoint of Education in Discussions on Some Educational IssuesKANSANEN, P.1985, pp. 45-56, isbn 951-45-4773-XReport

Talking Shop Via E-Mail : Thematic and Linguistic Analysis of Electronic Mail CommunicationTELLA,, 292 p.Report

The Forme of Historical Knowledge and the Adolescent Conception of itAHONEN, S.1990, 259 p.Report

Introducing International Communications Networks and Electronic Mail into Foreign Language Classrooms : A Case Study in Finnish Senior Secondary SchoolsTELLA, S.1990, 206 p.Report

Reform Intentions and Their Implementation in Discussions on Some Educational Issues. IIWALLIN, E.1988, pp. 71-84, isbn 951-45-4696-2Report

The Curriculum as a Factor Directing Actual Teaching in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumKANSANEN, P.1988, pp. 47-68, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

Is Teaching Also a Moral Craft for Secondary School Teachers ? Cognitive and Emotional Processes of Student Teachers in Professional Development During Teacher EducationNIEMI, H.1988, 57 p.Report

Educational Aims and the Purposiveness of Instruction. Skeptical TalksKOSKENNIEMI, M.1984, 62 p.Report

Curriculum from the Future-Oriented and Value-Futurological Perspective in Research Frames of the Finnish CurriculumHIRSJARVI, S.1988, pp. 27-46, isbn 951-45-4695-4Report

Communicative Proficiency in a Foreign Language, and Its Evaluation. An Analysis of the Concept and an Experiment with Oral ProficiencyHELLGREN, P.1982, 183 p.Report

Ämnesdidaktisk forskning och dess framtidSARMAVUORI, K; MEISALO, V.1990, 157 p.Report

Broadcasting, Education and Active CitizenshipGROOMBRIDGE, B.Discussions on Some Educational Issues III. 1991, pp 21-35Report Part

Teacher Training and the Official Teacher's Role in Discussions on Some Educational IssuesAHLSTROM, K. G; JONSSON, M.1985, pp. 5-30, isbn 951-45-4773-XReport

On the Role of Mother-tongue Education in Multilingual Societies : Theoretical Remarks and Suggestions for Teacher EducationHARTMANN, W.Discussions on Some Educational Issues III. 1991, pp 37-58Report Part

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