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The allograft valve in heart transplantation and valve replacement : genetic assessment of the origin of the cells by means of deoxyribonucleic acid profiles. DiscussionMELO, J. Q; MONTEIRO, C; MACHADO-MACEDO, M et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 1995, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 218-223, issn 0022-5223Conference Paper

Sequential liver transplantationFURTADO, A; TOME, L; OLIVEIRA, F. J et al.Transplantation proceedings. 1997, Vol 29, Num 1-2, pp 467-468, issn 0041-1345Conference Paper

The Coimbra University Hospital experience in liver transplantation in patients with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathyPERDIGOTO, R; FURTADO, A. L; FURTADO, E et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2003, Vol 35, Num 3, issn 0041-1345, p. 1125Conference Paper

Sequential liver transplantation : 27 Cases in 25 patientsTOME, L; FERRAO, J; FURTADO, E et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2001, Vol 33, Num 1-2, pp 1430-1432, issn 0041-1345Conference Paper

Local immunosuppression in clinical small bowel transplantation (Report of two cases)FURTADO, A; PERDIGOTO, R; VIEIRA, H et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2000, Vol 32, Num 6, pp 1206-1208, issn 0041-1345Conference Paper

Development of the skin layer in injection moulding: phenomenological modelVIANA, J. C.Polymer (Guildford). 2004, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 993-1005, issn 0032-3861, 13 p.Article

Recombinant factor VIIa in major abdominal surgery and liver transplantationDA SILVA VIANA, J.Transplantation proceedings. 2006, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 818-819, issn 0041-1345, 2 p.Conference Paper

The local thermomechanical conditions and the fracture behavior of an injection-molded poly(oxymethylene)VIANA, J. C.Polymer engineering and science. 2006, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 181-187, issn 0032-3888, 7 p.Article

Structural interpretation of the strain-rate, temperature and morphology dependence of the yield stress of injection molded semicrystalline polymersVIANA, J. C.Polymer (Guildford). 2005, Vol 46, Num 25, pp 11773-11785, issn 0032-3861, 13 p.Article

The tensile behaviour of an injection-moulded propylene-ethylene copolymer : The effect of the local thermomechanical processing conditionsVIANA, J. C; CUNHA, A. M; BILLON, N et al.Polymer international. 1997, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 159-166, issn 0959-8103Conference Paper

Characterization of PET nanocomposites produced by different melt-based production methodsTODOROV, L. V; VIANA, J. C.Journal of applied polymer science. 2007, Vol 106, Num 3, pp 1659-1669, issn 0021-8995, 11 p.Article

Stress-strain experiments as a mechanical spectroscopic technique to characterise the glass transition dynamics in poly(ethylene terephthalate)MANO, J. F; VIANA, J. C.Polymer testing. 2006, Vol 25, Num 7, pp 953-960, issn 0142-9418, 8 p.Article

The effect of the skin thickness and spherulite size on the mechanical properties of injection mouldingsVIANA, J. C; CUNHA, A. M; BILLON, N et al.Journal of materials science. 2001, Vol 36, Num 18, pp 4411-4418, issn 0022-2461Article


The thermomechanical environment and the microstructure of an injection moulded polypropylene copolymerVIANA, J. C; CUNHA, A. M; BILLON, N et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2002, Vol 43, Num 15, pp 4185-4196, issn 0032-3861Article

Effects of the strain rate and temperature in stress-strain tests : study of the glass transition of a polyamide-6MANO, J. F; VIANA, J. C.Polymer testing. 2001, Vol 20, Num 8, pp 937-943, issn 0142-9418Article

Real time X-ray scattering studies on the evolution of morphology during heating of a shrinkable polyethylene filmVIANA, J. C; DENCHEV, Z; CUNHA, E. M et al.Mechanics of time-dependant materials. 2004, Vol 8, Num 3, pp 225-233, issn 1385-2000, 9 p.Article

The impact behavior of weld-lines in injection moldingVIANA, J. C; CUNHA, A. M.The Journal of injection molding technology. 2002, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 259-271, issn 1533-905X, 13 p.Article

Extruded thermoplastic elastomers styrene-butadiene-styrene/carbon nanotubes composites for strain sensor applicationsCOSTA, P; SILVIA, C; VIANA, J. C et al.Composites. Part B, Engineering. 2014, Vol 57, pp 242-249, issn 1359-8368, 8 p.Article

The anisotropic quantum spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet in the presence of a longitudinal field on a bcc latticeNETO, Minos A; ROBERTO VIANA, J; RICARDO DE SOUSA, J et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2012, Vol 324, Num 16, pp 2405-2409, issn 0304-8853, 5 p.Article

Air embolism as a complication of venovenous bypass during liver transplant for diffuse hemangiomatosisVIANA, J. S; FURTADO, E; ROMERO, A et al.Transplantation proceedings. 2003, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 1128-1130, issn 0041-1345, 3 p.Conference Paper

Controlled temperature jaws to improve material characterization by uniaxial hot tensile testDUARTE, F. M; NOBREGA, J. M; VIANA, J. C et al.Polymer testing. 2006, Vol 25, Num 6, pp 772-781, issn 0142-9418, 10 p.Article

Co-injection Molding of Immiscible Polymers: Skin-Core Structure and Adhesion StudiesGOMES, M; MARTINO, D; PONTES, A. J et al.Polymer engineering and science. 2011, Vol 51, Num 12, pp 2398-2407, issn 0032-3888, 10 p.Article

Mechanical Properties of Poly(E-caprolactone) and Poly(lactic acid) BlendsSIMOES, C. L; VIANA, J. C; CUNHA, A. M et al.Journal of applied polymer science (Print). 2009, Vol 112, Num 1, pp 345-352, issn 0021-8995, 8 p.Article

Study on processing-microstructure : properties relationships of extruded profilesCARNEIRO, O. S; VIANA, J. C; NOBREGA, J. M et al.Plastics, rubber and composites. 2006, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 173-180, issn 1465-8011, 8 p.Article

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