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Commercial applications of fermentation products in animal health careMYERS-KEITH, P.Developments in industrial microbiology. 1984, Vol 25, pp 307-316, issn 0070-4563Conference Paper

Prioritising veterinary medicines according to their potential indirect human exposure and toxicity profileCAPLETON, Alexander C; COURAGE, Carol; RUMSBY, Paul et al.Toxicology letters. 2006, Vol 163, Num 3, pp 213-223, issn 0378-4274, 11 p.Article

Providing an information prescription in veterinary medical clinics: a pilot studyKOGAN, Lori R; SCHOENFELD-TACHER, Regina; GOULD, Lauren et al.Journal of the Medical Library Association. 2014, Vol 102, Num 1, pp 41-46, issn 1536-5050, 6 p.Article

Symposium on computer applications in veterinary medicine, Starkville MS, October 13-15, 1982Symposium on computer applications in veterinary medicine. 1982, 881 p.Conference Proceedings

La place de l'hématologie clinique en médecine vétérinaire son importance dans la pratique quotidienne Synthèse d'observations = The place of clinical hematology in veterinary medicine: its importance for daily practice and observations synthesisLECOMTE, R.Bulletin de l'Académie vétérinaire de France. 1998, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 249-253, issn 0001-4192Article

Um estudo do uso de periódicos em zootecnia e veterinária por pesquisadores de EMBRAPA = Etude de l'utilisation des périodiques de zootechnie et science vétérinaire par les chercheurs d'EmbrapaMAYRINK, P. T.Revista AIBDA. 1983, Vol 4, Num 2, pp 75-91, issn 0250-3190Article

Proteomics and naturally occurring animal diseases : Opportunities for animal and human medicineDOHERTY, Mary K; BEYNON, Robert J; WHITFIELD, Phillip D et al.Proteomics. Clinical applications (Print). 2008, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 135-141, issn 1862-8346, 7 p.Article

Laboratory medicine and the identity change of veterinary medicine in Spain at the turn of the twentieth century = Médecine de laboratoire et changement d'identité de la médecine vétérinaire en Espagne au tournant du XXe siècleGUTIERREZ GARIA, José Manuel.Dynamis (Granada). 2010, Vol 30, pp 239-260, issn 0211-9536, 22 p.Article

A web-based decision support system to estimate extended withdrawal intervalsGEHRING, R; BAYNES, R. E; WANG, J et al.Computers and electronics in agriculture. 2004, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 145-151, issn 0168-1699, 7 p.Article

Tierarzneimittel bei Nutztieren: Auswirkungen der heilmittelrechtlichen Regelungen = Veterinary medicines with food-producing animals: effects of the new legal regulationsZWAHLEN, Roland.Mitteilungen aus Lebensmitteluntersuchung und Hygiene. 2003, Vol 94, Num 6, pp 556-560, issn 1424-1307, 5 p.Conference Paper

33rd Conference on Physiology and Pathology of ReproductionGLATZEL, P. S; REIF, S; LANGE, A et al.Reproduction in domestic animals (1990). 2000, Vol 35, Num 1, issn 0936-6768, 48 p.Conference Proceedings

Approach to complexity in veterinary epidemiology : example of cattle reproduction. CommentaireDUCROT, C; LEGAY, J.-M; GRÖHN, Y. T et al.Natures sciences sociétés (Montrouge). 1996, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 23-35, issn 1240-1307Article

Veterinary virology in Australia _ The French connection. ConferenceSABINE, Margaret.Veterinary microbiology (Amsterdam). 1995, Vol 46, Num 1-3, issn 0378-1135, 349 p.Conference Proceedings

Symptômes, remèdes et stratégies en homéopathie vétérinaire = Symptoms, remedies and strategies in veterinary homeopathyOSDOIT, P.L' Homéopathie européenne. 1995, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 20-24, issn 1244-2356, 4 p.Article

Current USDA procedures for licensing biotechnology-derived veterinary biologicalsGAY, C. G.Developments in biological standardization. 1993, Num 79, pp 65-74, issn 0301-5149Conference Paper

The issue of new generation vaccines hierarchy of the riskVANNIER, P.Developments in biological standardization. 1993, Num 79, pp 99-104, issn 0301-5149Conference Paper

Basic list of Veterinary Medical serials 2nd edition, 1981, with revisions to April 1, 1986BOYD, C. T; HULL, D. C; MACNEIL, K. J et al.The Serials librarian. 1986, Vol 11, Num 2, pp 5-39, issn 0361-526XArticle

Az Állatorvostudományi Egyetem Központi Könyvtárának rekonstrukciója = Reconstruction de la bibliothèque centrale de l'université des sciences vétérinairesBAKONYI, I.Az Orvosi konyvtaros. 1983, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 260-270, issn 0030-6010Article

Some remarks on the efficacy of vaccines for veterinary useLENSING, H. H.Developments in biological standardization. 1993, Num 79, pp 43-45, issn 0301-5149Conference Paper

Technical requirements of veterinary vaccines for registration-Fedesa's point of viewWATSON, J.Developments in biological standardization. 1993, Num 79, pp 51-63, issn 0301-5149Conference Paper

Microcapsules for new animal drugsARNOLD, R. G.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 1984, Vol 10, pp 237-243, issn 0273-2289Article

Little, if at all, Removed from the Illiterate Farrier or Cow-leech: The English Veterinary Surgeon, c.1860―1885, and the Campaign for Veterinary Reform = Le chirurgien vétérinaire anglais, 1860-1885, et la campagne de réforme vétérinaireWOODS, Abigail; MATTHEWS, Stephen.Medical history. 2010, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 29-54, issn 0025-7273, 26 p.Article

Constats et propositions pour la Médecine Vétérinaire rurale = Observations and proposals for the rural veterinary medicineRISSE, Jacques.Bulletin de l'Académie vétérinaire de France. 2002, Vol 155, Num 1-2, pp 35-42, issn 0001-4192, 8 p.Article

FDA will regulate bovine interferon as animal drugMACKLER, B. F; LAWRENCE, C. S.Genetic engineering news. 1983, Vol 3, Num 6, pp 1-45Article

Menschliche Dermatosen beim Tier = Human dermatoses in animalsBIELLA, U; EULENBERGER, K; SCHÜPPEL, K.-F et al.H + G. Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten. 1993, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 162-164, issn 0301-0481Article

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