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The effects of landmarks on the performance of delayed and real-time pointing movementsOBHI, Sukhvinder S; GOODALE, Melvyn A.Experimental brain research. 2005, Vol 167, Num 3, pp 335-344, issn 0014-4819, 10 p.Article

Visuomotor control of steering: the artefact of the matterCLOETE, Steven; WALLIS, Guy.Experimental brain research. 2011, Vol 208, Num 4, pp 475-489, issn 0014-4819, 15 p.Article

Environmental experience within and across testing days determines the strength of human visuomotor adaptationSEMRAU, Jennifer A; DAITCH, Amy L; THOROUGHMAN, Kurt A et al.Experimental brain research. 2012, Vol 216, Num 3, pp 409-418, issn 0014-4819, 10 p.Article

Controlling reaching movements with predictable and unpredictable target motion in 10-year-old children and adultsDAUM, Moritz M; HUBER, Susanne; KRIST, Horst et al.Experimental brain research. 2007, Vol 177, Num 4, pp 483-492, issn 0014-4819, 10 p.Article

Adjusting reach to lift movements to sudden visible changes in target's weightBROUWER, Anne-Marie; GEORGIOU, Ioanna; GLOVER, Scott et al.Experimental brain research. 2006, Vol 173, Num 4, pp 629-636, issn 0014-4819, 8 p.Article

The cognitive and neural bases of visually guided actionMILNER, David; KARNATH, Hans-Otto; DESMURGET, Michel et al.Experimental brain research. 2003, Vol 153, Num 2, pp 133-274, issn 0014-4819, 142 p.Conference Proceedings

Visuomotor transformation for interception: catching while fixatingDESSING, Joost C; OOSTWOUD WIJDENES, Leonie; PEPER, C. E et al.Experimental brain research. 2009, Vol 196, Num 4, pp 511-527, issn 0014-4819, 17 p.Article

On-line feedback control of human visually guided slow ramp tracking: effects of spatial separation of visual cuesREED, Daniel W; XUGUANG LIU; MIALL, R. Christopher et al.Neuroscience letters. 2003, Vol 338, Num 3, pp 209-212, issn 0304-3940, 4 p.Article

Adaptations of lateral hand movements to early and late visual occlusion in catchingDESSING, Joost C; OOSTWOUD WIJDENES, Leonie; PEPER, C. E et al.Experimental brain research. 2009, Vol 192, Num 4, pp 669-682, issn 0014-4819, 14 p.Article

The specificity of learned associations in visuomotor and perceptual processingDESANGHERE, L; MAROTTA, J. J.Experimental brain research. 2008, Vol 187, Num 4, pp 595-601, issn 0014-4819, 7 p.Article

Action modulates object-based selectionLINNELL, Karina J; HUMPHREYS, Glyn W; MCINTYRE, Dave B et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2005, Vol 45, Num 17, pp 2268-2286, issn 0042-6989, 19 p.Article

Hitting moving targets : effects of target speed and dimensions on movement timeBROUWER, Anne-Marie; SMEETS, Jeroen B. J; BRENNER, Eli et al.Experimental brain research. 2005, Vol 165, Num 1, pp 28-36, issn 0014-4819, 9 p.Article

Quiet Eye Distinguishes Children of High and Low Motor Coordination AbilitiesWILSON, Mark R; MILES, Charlotte A. L; VINE, Samuel J et al.Medicine and science in sports and exercise. 2013, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 1144-1151, issn 0195-9131, 8 p.Article

The continuous nature of timing reprogramming in an interceptive taskAUGUSTO TEIXEIRA, Luis; DOS SANTOS LIMA, Elke; MARILIA FRANZONI, Mariana et al.Journal of sports sciences (Print). 2005, Vol 23, Num 9, pp 943-950, issn 0264-0414, 8 p.Article

Outsider interference: no role for motor lateralization in determining the strength of avoidance responses during reachingMENGER, Rudmer; VAN DER STIGCHEL, Stefan; DIJKERMAN, H. Chris et al.Experimental brain research. 2013, Vol 229, Num 4, pp 533-543, issn 0014-4819, 11 p.Article

Fast and fine-tuned corrections when the target of a hand movement is displacedOOSTWOUD WIJDENES, Leonie; BRENNER, Eli; SMEETS, Jeroen B. J et al.Experimental brain research. 2011, Vol 214, Num 3, pp 453-462, issn 0014-4819, 10 p.Article

An MEG investigation of the neural mechanisms subserving complex visuomotor coordinationKENNEDY, Jon S; SINGH, Krish D; MUTHUKUMARASWAMY, Suresh D et al.International journal of psychophysiology. 2011, Vol 79, Num 2, pp 296-304, issn 0167-8760, 9 p.Article

Gaze fixation improves the stability of expert jugglingDESSING, Joost C; REY, Frédéric P; BEEK, Peter J et al.Experimental brain research. 2012, Vol 216, Num 4, pp 635-644, issn 0014-4819, 10 p.Article

Proprioception improves temporal accuracy in a coincidence-timing taskRODRIGUEZ-HERREROS, Borja; LOPEZ-MOLINER, Joan.Experimental brain research. 2011, Vol 210, Num 2, pp 251-258, issn 0014-4819, 8 p.Article

Differences in visuomotor control between the upper and lower visual fieldsKHAN, Michael A; LAWRENCE, Gavin P.Experimental brain research. 2005, Vol 164, Num 3, pp 395-398, issn 0014-4819, 4 p.Article

Modulating Fitts's Law: Perceiving targets at the last placeholderRADULESCU, Petre V; AL-AIDROOS, Naseem; ADAM, Jos J et al.Acta psychologica. 2011, Vol 137, Num 1, pp 101-105, issn 0001-6918, 5 p.Article

Vision in the palm of your handBROWN, Liana E; MORRISSEY, Brendan F; GOODALE, Melvyn A et al.Neuropsychologia. 2009, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 1621-1626, issn 0028-3932, 6 p.Article

Blindsight in action : what can the different sub-types of blindsight tell us about the control of visually guided actions?DANCKEA, James; POSSETTI, Yves.Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews. 2005, Vol 29, Num 7, pp 1035-1046, issn 0149-7634, 12 p.Article

When pros become cons for anti- versus prosaccades: factors with opposite or common effects on different saccade typesKRISTJANSSON, Arni; VANDENBROUCKE, Myriam W. G; DRIVER, Jon et al.Experimental brain research. 2004, Vol 155, Num 2, pp 231-244, issn 0014-4819, 14 p.Article

Effects of object shape and visual feedback on hand configuration during graspingSCHETTINO, Luis F; ADAMOVICH, Sergei V; POIZNER, Howard et al.Experimental brain research. 2003, Vol 151, Num 2, pp 158-166, issn 0014-4819, 9 p.Article

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