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Pt—Sn—Based SAPO-34 Supported Novel Catalyst for n-Butane DehydrogenationNAWAZ, Zeeshan; WEI FEI.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2009, Vol 48, Num 15, pp 7442-7447, issn 0888-5885, 6 p.Article

Search engines' responses to several search feature selectionsJIN ZHANG; WEI FEI.The International information & library review (Print). 2010, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 212-225, issn 1057-2317, 14 p.Article

A comparative analysis of the search feature effectiveness of the major English and Chinese search enginesJIN ZHANG; WEI FEI; TAOWEN LE et al.Online information review (Print). 2013, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 217-230, issn 1468-4527, 14 p.Article

Evaluation of Six Google: Search FeaturesJIN ZHANG; WEI FEI; TAOWEN LE et al.Online (Weston, CT). 2010, Vol 34, Num 6, pp 24-28, issn 0146-5422, 5 p.Article

Fluidization and agglomerate structure of SiO2 nanoparticlesWANG YAO; GU GUANGSHENG; WEI FEI et al.Powder technology. 2002, Vol 124, Num 1-2, pp 152-159, issn 0032-5910Article

Statistical properties of conductance through a quantum dot in the Coulomb blockade regimeLI, Wei-Fei; XIONG, Shi-Jie.Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Print). 2001, Vol 13, Num 25, pp 5833-5840, issn 0953-8984Article

Design Exploration of Hybrid CMOS and Memristor Circuit by New Modified Nodal AnalysisWEI FEI; HAO YU; WEI ZHANG et al.IEEE transactions on very large scale integration (VLSI) systems. 2012, Vol 20, Num 6, pp 1012-1025, issn 1063-8210, 14 p.Article

Agglomerated CNTs synthesized in a fluidized bed reactor: Agglomerate structure and formation mechanismYU HAO; ZHANG QUNFENG; WEI FEI et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2003, Vol 41, Num 14, pp 2855-2863, issn 0008-6223, 9 p.Article

Progress of the Patch Near-Field Acoustical Holography TechniqueCHAO YANG; JIN CHEN; XUE, Wei-Fei et al.Acta acustica united with acustica. 2008, Vol 94, Num 1, pp 156-163, 8 p.Article

Production of hydrogen and carbon nanotubes from methane decomposition in a two-stage fluidized bed reactorQIAN WEIZHONG; LIU TANG; WANG ZHANWEN et al.Applied catalysis. A, General. 2004, Vol 260, Num 2, pp 223-228, issn 0926-860X, 6 p.Article

A 2-D Distributed Power Combining by Metamaterial-Based Zero Phase Shifter for 60-GHz Power Amplifier in 65-nm CMOSWEI FEI; HAO YU; YANG SHANG et al.IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques. 2013, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 505-516, issn 0018-9480, 12 p., 2Article

Production of carbon nanotubes in a packed bed and a fluidized bedQIAN WEIZHONG; WEI FEI; WANG ZHANWEN et al.AIChE journal. 2003, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 619-625, issn 0001-1541, 7 p.Article

Fluctuations of hippocampal neuronal protein levels over the estrous cycle in the ratDIAO, Wei-Fei; CHEN, Wei-Qiang; HOGER, Harald et al.Neurochemistry international. 2008, Vol 52, Num 6, pp 1002-1011, issn 0197-0186, 10 p.Article

Insight into the Enzymatic Degumming Process of Soybean OilBO YANG; RONG ZHOU; YANG, Ji-Guo et al.Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. 2008, Vol 85, Num 5, pp 421-425, issn 0003-021X, 5 p.Article

Effects of copper exposure on the hatching status and antioxidant defense at different developmental stages of embryos and larvae of goldfish Carassius auratusXIANGHUI KONG; HONGXIA JIANG; SHUPING WANG et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2013, Vol 92, Num 11, pp 1458-1464, issn 0045-6535, 7 p.Article

The Solar EUV Instrumentation Onboard the Earth Geostationary Orbit SatelliteWEI FEI; ZHU GUANGWU; PENG JILONG et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2008, Vol 7128, pp 71282P.1-71282P.6, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-7362-2 0-8194-7362-6Conference Paper

Evaluation of oral chemotherapy with capecitabine and cyclophosphamide plus thalidomide and prednisone in prostate cancer patientsMENG, Li-Juan; JUN WANG; FAN, Wei-Fei et al.Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology. 2012, Vol 138, Num 2, pp 333-339, issn 0171-5216, 7 p.Article

Enzymatic Production of Monoacylglycerols with Camellia Oil by the Glycerolysis ReactionZENG, Fan-Kui; BO YANG; WANG, Yong-Hua et al.Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. 2010, Vol 87, Num 5, pp 531-537, issn 0003-021X, 7 p.Article

A green, low-cost, and highly effective strategy to enhance the performance of hybrid solar cells: Post-deposition ligand exchange by acetic acidFU, Wei-Fei; YE SHI; LING WANG et al.Solar energy materials and solar cells. 2013, Vol 117, pp 329-335, issn 0927-0248, 7 p.Article

Production of lipase SMG1 and its application in synthesizing diacylglyecrolWANG, Wei-Fei; TIE LI; QIN, Xiao-Li et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. B, Enzymatic. 2012, Vol 77, pp 87-91, issn 1381-1177, 5 p.Article

Serum, liver, and kidney proteomic analysis for the alloxan-induced type I diabetic mice after insulin gene transfer of naked plasmid through electroporationDIAO, Wei-Fei; CHEN, Wei-Qiang; YUANYUAN WU et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2006, Vol 6, Num 21, pp 5837-5845, issn 1615-9853, 9 p.Article

Triphenylamine modified bis-diketopyrrolopyrrole molecular donor materials with extended conjugation for bulk heterojunction solar cellsFENG, Hai-Fen; FU, Wei-Fei; LIANGJIE LI et al.Organic electronics (Print). 2014, Vol 15, Num 10, pp 2575-2586, issn 1566-1199, 12 p.Article

A direct arylation-derived DPP-based small molecule for solution-processed organic solar cellsLIU, Shi-Yong; FU, Wei-Fei; XU, Jing-Qi et al.Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print). 2014, Vol 25, Num 1, issn 0957-4484, 014006.1-014006.7Article

Solvent-resistant small molecule solar cells by roll-to-roll fabrication via introduction of azide cross-linkable groupCHEN, Mei-Rong; FAN, Cong-Cheng; ANDERSEN, Thomas R et al.Synthetic metals. 2014, Vol 195, pp 299-305, issn 0379-6779, 7 p.Article

Optical and electrical effects of plasmonic nanoparticles in high-efficiency hybrid solar cellsFU, Wei-Fei; XIAOQIANG CHEN; CHEN, Hong-Zheng et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 40, pp 17105-17111, issn 1463-9076, 7 p.Article

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