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Physical weathering as a key process of badland dynamics at Vallcebre, Eastern Pyrenees = Météorisation physique comme processus clef de la dynamique des ravinements à Vallcebre, Pyrénées OrientalesREGUES, D; GALLART, F.Experimental catchments of Draix: a field laboratory for mountains erosion studiesLes bassins versants expérimentaux de Draix laboratoire d'étude de l'érosion en montagne. 1999, 13 p.Book Chapter

Depth and character of rock weathering across a basaltic-hosted climosequence on Hawai'iGOODFELLOW, B.W; CHADWICK, O.A; HILLEY, G.E et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2014, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 381-398, issn 0197-9337, 18 p.Article

Differential roles of plagioclase and biotite in the early stage weathering of granite : a solid-sided approach combining laboratory experiment and surface analysisTAKAYA, Y; HATTA, T; MATSUKURA, Y et al.Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie. 2014, Vol 58, Num 2, pp 233-249, issn 0372-8854, 17 p.Article

Weathering of basalt and sandstone by wetting and drying : a process isolation studyLOUBSER, M.J.Geografiska annaler. Series A. Physical geography. 2013, Vol 95, Num 4, pp 295-304, issn 0435-3676, 10 p.Article

Carbon isotopes in the rivers from the Lesser Antilles : origin of the carbonic acid consumed by weathering reactions in the Lesser AntillesRIVÉ, K; GAILLARDET, J; AGRINIER, P et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2013, Vol 38, Num 9, pp 1020-1035, issn 0197-9337, 16 p.Article

Colonization and weathering of engineering materials by marine microorganisms : an SEM studyCOOMBES, M.A; NAYLOR, L.A; THOMPSON, R.C et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2011, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 582-593, issn 0197-9337, 12 p.Article

Near-surface temperatures and heat balance of bare outcrops exposed to solar radiationGUNZBURGER, Y; MERRIEN-SOUKATCHOFF, V.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2011, Vol 36, Num 12, pp 1577-1589, issn 0197-9337, 13 p.Article

La géologie sous-marine de la mer Ligure : une synthèseFIERRO, G; CORRADI, N; FANUCCI, F et al.Bulletin - Société géographique de Liège. 2010, Num 54, pp 31-40, issn 0770-7576, 10 p.Article

A geostatistical investigation into changing permeability of sandstones during weathering simulationsMCKINLEY, J.M; MCCABE, S.Geographical analysis. 2010, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 180-203, issn 0016-7363, 24 p.Article

Processes controlling rapid temperature variations on rock surfacesMOLARO, J.L; MCKAY, P.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2010, Vol 35, Num 5, pp 501-507, issn 0197-9337, 7 p.Article

Le paysage français de la recherche sur la dégradation et la conservation de la pierre monumentaleETIENNE, S.Bulletin de l'Association de géographes français. 2008, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 55-62, issn 0004-5322, 8 p.Article

Météorisation des monuments mégalithiques néolithiques et vitesse de l'érosion des granites en milieu océanisé : relais de processus et substitutions de formesSELLIER, D.Bulletin de l'Association de géographes français. 2008, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 83-93, issn 0004-5322, 11 p.Article

L'apport de la stéréophotogrammétrie à l'étude de la dégradation des pierres monumentalesVAUTIER, F; VOLDOIRE, O; DURACKA, N et al.Bulletin de l'Association de géographes français. 2008, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 121-126, issn 0004-5322, 6 p.Article

Understanding the decay of stone-built cultural heritageSMITH, B.J; GOMEZ-HERAS, M; MCCABE, S et al.Progress in physical geography. 2008, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 439-461, issn 0309-1333, 23 p.Article

Weathering of granite in Antarctica : I. Light penetration into rock and implications for rock weathering and endolithic communitiesHALL, K; GUGLIELMIN, M; STRINI, A et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2008, Vol 33, Num 2, pp 295-307, issn 0197-9337, 13 p.Article

Concatenation and resultant inequalities in denudationTWIDALE, C.R.Physical geography. 2007, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 50-75, issn 0272-3646, 26 p.Article

Effect of Bacillus subtilis on granite weathering : a laboratory experimentSONG, W; OGAWA, N; OGUCHI, C.T et al.Catena (Giessen). 2007, Vol 70, Num 3, pp 275-281, issn 0341-8162, 7 p.Article

Microvariability in the early stages of cobble weathering by microenvironment on a glacier foreland, Storbreen, Jotunheimen, NorwayTHORN, C.E; DARMODY, R.G; CAMPBELL, S.W et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2007, Vol 32, Num 14, pp 2199-2211, issn 0197-9337, 13 p.Article

Rock-surface temperatures of basalt in the Drakensberg alpine environment, LesothoGRAB, S.Geografiska annaler. Series A. Physical geography. 2007, Vol 89, Num 3, pp 185-193, issn 0435-3676, 9 p.Article

Simulating loss of primary silicate minerals from soil due to long-term weathering using Allogen : comparison with soil chronosequence, lake sediment and river solute flux dataBOYLE, J.F.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2007, Vol 83, Num 1-2, pp 121-135, issn 0169-555X, 15 p.Article

Surface lowering rates of uplifted limestone terraces estimated from the height of pedestals on a subtropical island of JapanMATSUKURA, Y; MAEKADO, A; AOKI, H et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2007, Vol 32, Num 7, pp 1110-1115, issn 0197-9337, 6 p.Article

Two-hourly surface change on supra-tidal rock (Marengo, Victoria, Australia)GÓMEZ-PUJOL, L; STEPHENSON, W.J; FORNÓS, J.J et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2007, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 1-12, issn 0197-9337, 12 p.Article

Rates of chemical weathering of porous rhyolites : ten-year measurements using a weight-loss methodMATSUKURA, Y; HATTANJI, T; OGUCHI, C.T et al.Tsukuba geoenvironmental sciences. 2006, Vol 2, pp 3-8, issn 1880-6252, 6 p.Article

Sovremennaâ denudaciâ ravnin zemli po dannym o stoke nanosov i rastvorennyh veŝestvDEDKOV, A.P; MOZŽERIN, V.I; ŠARIFULLIN, A.N et al.Izvestiâ Akademii nauk SSSR. Seria geografičeskaâ. 2005, Num 5, pp 30-38, issn 0373-2444, 9 p.Article

Tortoises and hares : dissolution, erosion and isostasy in landscape evolutionSIMMS, M.J.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2004, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 477-494, issn 0197-9337, 18 p.Article

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