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Vascular occlusions in the stem of Ailanthus excelsa RoxbSHAH, J. J; BABU, A. M.Annals of botany (Print). 1986, Vol 57, Num 5, pp 603-611, issn 0305-7364Article

Xylem anatomy and hydraulic conductance of Psilotum nudumSCHULTE, P. J; GIBSON, A. C; NOBEL, P. S et al.American journal of botany. 1987, Vol 74, Num 9, pp 1438-1445, issn 0002-9122Article

Cytochemical evidence for the occurrence in plants of a novel microbody that contains peroxidaseSAGISAKA, S; ASADA, M.Plant and cell physiology. 1986, Vol 27, Num 8, pp 1599-1602, issn 0032-0781Article

Xylogenesis in tissue culture. II: Microtubules, cell shape and secondary wall patternsFALCONER, M. M; SEAGULL, R. W.Protoplasma. 1986, Vol 133, Num 2-3, pp 140-148, issn 0033-183XArticle

The effect of defoliation on the composition of xylem sap from Cabernet franc grapevinesMARANGONI, B; VITAGLIANO, C; PETERLUNGER, E et al.American journal of enology and viticulture. 1986, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 259-262, issn 0002-9254Article

Metal speciation in xylem and phloem exudatesMULLINS, G. L; SOMMERS, L. E; HOUSLEY, T. L et al.Plant and soil. 1986, Vol 96, Num 3, pp 377-391, issn 0032-079XArticle

Présentation d'une nouvelle méthode pour évaluer la vitesse d'écoulement de la sève dans le xylème des arbres = A new method for determination of sap flow in xylemHOSLI, J. P; LAROCHE, D; GAGNON, R et al.1987, Vol 138, Num 3, pp 229-237Article

Xylem cavitation in nodes and internodes of whole Chorisia insignis H.B. et K. plants subjected to water stress: relations between xylem conduit size and cavitationSALLEO, S; LO GULLO, M. A.Annals of botany (Print). 1986, Vol 58, Num 4, pp 431-441, issn 0305-7364Article

Indução experimental de obstruções típicas de declínio, em citros, e sua possível associação com fatores do solo = Induction expérimentale de bouchons obstruant les vaisseaux, typiques du dépérissement, chez l'oranger doux, et possibilité d'une association aux facteurs du sol = Experimental induction of amorphous-like plugs in citrus and their possible association with soil factorsBERETTA, M. J. G; FOGACA, M; MORAES, W. B. C et al.Pesquisa agropecuaria brasileira (Brasilia, 1977). 1986, Vol 21, Num 12, pp 1261-1265, issn 0100-204XArticle

Nitrogen nutrition and xylem sap composition of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. cv Virginia Bunch)PEOPLES, M. B; PATE, J. S; ATKINS, C. A et al.Plant physiology (Bethesda). 1986, Vol 82, Num 4, pp 946-951, issn 0032-0889Article

Dihydroconiferyl alcohol in developing xylem of Pinus contortaSAVIDGE, R. A.Phytochemistry. 1987, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 93-94, issn 0031-9422Article

Xylem transport of recently fixed carbon within lupinMINCHIN, P. E. H; MCNAUGHTON, G. S.Australian journal of plant physiology. 1987, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 325-329, issn 0310-7841Article

Changes of plastids during xylem differentiation in barley rootLUX, A.Annals of botany (Print). 1986, Vol 58, Num 4, pp 547-550, issn 0305-7364Article

Duration of the last endocycle in differentiating cells of barley root central metaxylemKUBICA, S.1986, Vol 41, Num 11, pp 1053-1060Article

Changes in the distribution of plasmodesmata in developing fibre-tracheid pit membranes of Sorbus aucuparia LBARNETT, J. R.Annals of botany (Print). 1987, Vol 59, Num 3, pp 269-279, issn 0305-7364Article

Paraheliotropic leaf movements in mature alfalfa canopiesREED, R; TRAVIS, R. L.Crop science. 1987, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 301-304, issn 0011-183XArticle

Mineral elements and organic acids in branch and root xylem sap of healthy and blight-affected sweet orange treesWUTSCHER, H. K; MCDONALD, R. E.Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. 1986, Vol 111, Num 3, pp 426-429, issn 0003-1062Article

Fine structure of hydrolysed primary walls in tracheary elements of petiolar xylem in Eucalyptus delegatensisSINGH, A. P.Annals of botany (Print). 1987, Vol 60, Num 3, pp 315-319, issn 0305-7364Article

Relationships between foliage and conducting xylem in Picea abies (L.) KarstOREN, R; WERK, K. S; SCHULZE, E.-D et al.Trees (Berlin. Print). 1986, Vol 1, Num 1, pp 61-69, issn 0931-1890Article

Hydraulic conductivity of the water transport system in Norway spruceSELLIN, A. A.Soviet plant physiology. 1987, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 443-449, issn 0038-5719Article

Autooscillatory nature of pumping work of the root system in Zea mays LLAZAREVA, N. P; BORISOVA, T. A; ZHOLKEVICH, V. N et al.Doklady. Botanical sciences. 1986, Vol 289-291, pp 197-200, issn 0012-4982Article

Determination of tracheary element differentiation in lettuce pith explantsTUCKER, W. Q. J; WILSON, J. W; GRESSHOFF, P. M et al.Annals of botany (Print). 1986, Vol 57, Num 5, pp 675-679, issn 0305-7364Article

Characteristics of xylem exudate obtained without separation of root from shootSOLOV'EV, V. A; VERENCHIKOV, S. P.Soviet plant physiology. 1987, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 450-459, issn 0038-5719Article

Effects of flooding, tilting of stems, and ethrel application on growth, stem anatomy, and ethylene production of Acer platanoides seedlingsYAMAMOTO, F; KOZLOWSKI, T. T.1987, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 141-156Article

The use of lanthanum to characterize cell wall permeability in relation to deep supercooling and extracellular freezing in woody plants. II: Intrageneric comparisons between Betula lenta and Betula papyriferaWISNIEWSKI, M; ASHWORTH, E; SCHAFFER, K et al.Protoplasma. 1987, Vol 141, Num 2-3, pp 160-168, issn 0033-183XArticle

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