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ZrO2 materials for application in the ceramics industryZENDER, H. H; LEISTNER, H; SEARLE, H. R et al.Interceram. 1990, Vol 39, Num 6, pp 33-36, issn 0020-5214, 4 p.Article

Zirconium oxide (Zr2O3)KANIUK, J.American Ceramic Society bulletin. 1999, Vol 78, Num 6, issn 0002-7812, p. 81Article

Wear behaviour of partially stabilized zirconia at high sliding speedCHEN, Y. M; RIGAUT, B; ARMANET, F et al.Journal of the European Ceramic Society. 1990, Vol 6, Num 6, pp 383-390, issn 0955-2219, 8 p.Article

ZirconiaHEATHCOTE, R.American Ceramic Society bulletin. 1993, Vol 72, Num 6, pp 123-124, issn 0002-7812Article

A stabilization mechanism of zirconia based on oxygen vacancies onlyFABRIS, Stefano; PAXTON, Anthony T; FINNIS, Michael W et al.Acta materialia. 2002, Vol 50, Num 20, pp 5171-5178, issn 1359-6454, 8 p.Article

The influence of washing and calcination condition on urea-derived ceria-yttria-doped tetragonal zirconia powdersLIN, Jyung-Dong; DUH, Jenq-Gong; CHIOU, Bi-Shiou et al.Materials chemistry and physics. 2001, Vol 68, Num 1-3, pp 42-55, issn 0254-0584Article

Simulation of cavity growth in ceramic materials during superplastic deformationWANG, Z. C; RIDLEY, N; DAVIES, T. J et al.Scripta materialia. 1997, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 579-584, issn 1359-6462Article

The role of trace additions of alumina to yttria-tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP)ROSS, I. M; RAINFORTH, W. M; MCCOMB, D. W et al.Scripta materialia. 2001, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 653-660, issn 1359-6462Article

Thermal expansion and damping characteristics of Y-TZPBASU, B; DONZEL, L; VAN HUMBEECK, J et al.Scripta materialia. 1999, Vol 40, Num 7, pp 759-765, issn 1359-6462Article

Phase assemblage effects on the fracture and fatigue characteristics of magnesia-partially stabilized zirconiaFERNANDEZ, R; CASELLAS, D; CUMBRERA, F. L et al.International journal of refractory metals & hard materials. 1998, Vol 16, Num 4-6, pp 291-301, issn 0958-0611Conference Paper

YSZ layers by pulsed-MOCVD on solid oxide fuel cell electrodesKRUMDIECK, Susan P; SBAIZERO, Orfeo; BULLERT, Angela et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2003, Vol 167, Num 2-3, pp 226-233, issn 0257-8972, 8 p.Conference Paper

Influence of particle in-flight characteristics on the microstructure of atmospheric plasma sprayed yttria stabilized ZrO2FRIIS, Martin; PERSSON, Christer; WIGREN, Jan et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2001, Vol 141, Num 2-3, pp 115-127, issn 0257-8972Article

Characterization of plume fluence for laser ablation of yttria stabilized zirconia in mixed oxygen and argon environmentsJONES, J. G; VOEVODIN, A. A; ZABINSKI, J. S et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2001, Vol 146-47, pp 258-262, issn 0257-8972Conference Paper

Joining of yttria-tetragonal stabilized zirconia polycrystals using nanocrystalsGUTIERREZ-MORA, F; DOMINGUEZ-RODRIGUEZ, A; ROUTBORT, J. L et al.Scripta materialia. 1999, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 455-460, issn 1359-6462Article

Residual stress and fracture of laminated ceramic membranesATKINSON, A; SELCUK, A.Acta materialia. 1999, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 867-874, issn 1359-6454Article

High-pressure phase transitions in zirconia and yttria-doped zirconiaALZYAB, B; PERRY, C. H; INGEL, R. P et al.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1987, Vol 70, Num 10, pp 760-765, issn 0002-7820Article

Some studies on the superplastic deformation behavior of nanocrystalline yttria stabilised zirconia based ceramicsBHATTACHARYA, S. S; BETZ, U; HAHN, H et al.Scripta materialia. 2001, Vol 44, Num 8-9, pp 1553-1556, issn 1359-6462Conference Paper

Yttria stabilized zirconia reinforced hydroxyapatite coatingsLEI FU; KHIAM AIK KHOR; JOO PENG LIM et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2000, Vol 127, Num 1, pp 66-75, issn 0257-8972Article

Diffusion bonding of rigid zirconia pieces using electrophoretically deposited particulate interlayersOZTURK, K; BASU, R. N; RANDALL, C. A et al.Scripta materialia. 1999, Vol 41, Num 11, pp 1191-1195, issn 1359-6462Article

Electrical conductivity and defect structure of manganese oxide-doped yttria-stabilized zirconia (3 mol%Y2O3)KAWASHIMA, T.Materials transactions - JIM. 1998, Vol 39, Num 11, pp 1115-1120, issn 0916-1821Article

Transformation characteristics of Ce-TZP during shape memory cyclesLI, B; ZHE, X; ISHII, K et al.Materials transactions - JIM. 1997, Vol 38, Num 10, pp 906-909, issn 0916-1821Article

Temperature-dependence of the lattice conductivity of mixed calcia/yttria-stabilized zirconiaJIANGHONG GONG; YING LI; ZILONG TANG et al.Materials chemistry and physics. 2002, Vol 76, Num 2, pp 212-216, issn 0254-0584Article

A dilatometric study of the martensitic transformation of zirconia containing 1.8∼2.0 mol% yttriaDING, Long-Xian; LEI WANG; NAGASHIMA, Masaaki et al.Materials transactions - JIM. 2001, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 450-452, issn 0916-1821Article

Microstructure and thermoluminescent properties of ESAVD produced eu doped Y2O3-ZrO2 coatingsCHOY, K. L; MEI, J; FEIST, J. P et al.Surface engineering. 2000, Vol 16, Num 6, pp 469-472, issn 0267-0844Article

Determining scandium in zirconia refractoriesSAFONOVA, A. A; USHAKOVA, T. G.Refractories (New York). 1993, Vol 34, Num 1-2, pp 35-36, issn 0034-3102Article

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