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Quantitative estimates of benthic protozoa in tropical marine systems using silica gel: a comparison of methodsALONGI, D. M.Estuarine, coastal and shelf science (Print). 1986, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 443-450, issn 0272-7714Article

Réflexions sur les écosystèmes marins benthiques: hiérarchisation, dynamique spatiotemporelle = Reflections on marine benthic ecosystems: hierarchy, dynamics in space an timePICARD, J.Tethys (Marseille). 1985, Vol 11, Num 3-4, pp 230-242, issn 0040-4012Article

A note on Antarctic benhic mollusks collected with a beam-trawl from breid bay by the 25TH Japanese Antarctic research expeditionsOKUTANI, T.Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue. 1986, Num 40, pp 277-287, issn 0386-0744Conference Paper

Observation of the marine benthic organisms at Syowa Station in Antarctica using a remotely operated vehicleHAMADA, E; NUMANAMI, H; NAITO, Y et al.Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue. 1986, Num 40, pp 289-298, issn 0386-0744Conference Paper

On dispersal and planktonic larvae of benthic invertebrates: an eclectic overview and summary of problemsSCHELTEMA, R. S.Bulletin of marine science. 1986, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 290-322, issn 0007-4977Conference Paper

On the detection of fish close to the sea bedCHIVERS, R. C; BURNS, D.Acoustics letters. 1985, Vol 9, Num 5, pp 65-69, issn 0140-1599Article

Eine einfache Methode zur Aktivitätsmessung bei sessilen benthischen Invertebraten = Une méthode simple pour l'enregistrement de l'activité d'invertébrés sessiles = A simple method for activity registration of sessible benthic invertebratesSCHULZ, J.Archiv für Hydrobiologie. 1986, Vol 107, Num 4, pp 563-566, issn 0003-9136Article

Biomass and estimated productivity of the benthic macrofauna in the New York Bight: a stressed coastal areaSTEIMLE, F. W. JR.Estuarine, coastal and shelf science (Print). 1985, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 539-554, issn 0272-7714Article

The communities of benthic fish in Foul Bay (Tiran Island, Red Sea)GOREN, M; SPANIER, E.Oceanologica acta. 1985, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 471-478, issn 0399-1784Article

Vie benthique de Upeneus bensasi dans le Sud Ouest de la Mer du JaponISHIDA, K.Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi. 1986, Vol 52, Num 2, pp 215-221, issn 0021-5392Article

De la connaissance fondamentale des milieux naturels marins (principalement benthiques) à leur sauvegarde = From the fundamental knowledge of (chiefly benthic) natural marine environments to their conservationBELLAN, G.Tethys (Marseille). 1985, Vol 11, Num 3-4, pp 342-349, issn 0040-4012Article

Benthos of Lake GlubokoeSOKOLOVA, N. Y; IZVEKOVA, E. I.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 1986, Vol 141, Num 1-2, pp 89-93, issn 0018-8158Article

Distribution patterns of two bivalve species (Nucula turgida, Tellina fabula) along a frontal system in the Southern North SeaCREUTZBERG, F.Netherlands journal of sea research (Print). 1986, Vol 20, Num 2-3, pp 305-311, issn 0077-7579Article

Hydrocarbures chez certains invertébrés benthiques et nectobenthiques de la mer de BarentsSHCHEKATURINA, T. L.Gidrobiologičeskij žurnal (Kiev, 1965). 1986, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 88-91, issn 0375-8990Article

Contribution à l'étude du comportement du cuivre en milieu marin côtier : aspects chimiques de la bioturbation de l'interface eau-sédiment par la gastéropode Hydrobia ulvae = Contribution to the study of the behavior of copper in coastal sea waters: chemical aspects of bioturbation at seawater-sediment boundary by the Gastropoda Hydrobia ulvaeEL MEDNAOUI, Hassan; ASTRUC, Michel.1986, 224 pThesis

Vertical distribution and horizontal transport of planktonic larvae of echinoderms and benthic polychaetes in an open coastal seaBANSE, K.Bulletin of marine science. 1986, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 162-175, issn 0007-4977Conference Paper

Utilization by shorebirds of benthic invertebrate production in intertidal areasBAIRD, D; EVANS, P. R; MILNE, H et al.Oceanography and Marine Biology. 1985, Vol 23, pp 573-597, issn 0078-3218Article

To the bottom of the heart: cloacal movement as an index of cardiac frequency, respiration and digestive evacuation in penguinsWILSON, R. P; SCOLARO, A; MÜLLER, G et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2004, Vol 144, Num 4, pp 813-827, issn 0025-3162, 15 p.Article

Relevant scales of variability of the benthic allochthonous microalga Chrysophaeum tayloriiCARONNI, Sarah; DELARIA, Maria Anna; NAVONE, Augusto et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2014, Vol 161, Num 8, pp 1787-1798, issn 0025-3162, 12 p.Article

Does a warmer lake mean smaller benthic algae? Evidence against the importance of temperature-size relationships in natural systemsVANDEN BYLLAARDT, Julie; CYR, Hélène.Oikos (København). 2011, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 162-169, issn 0030-1299, 8 p.Article

Selfing in Parvulastra exigua: an asterinid sea star with benthic developmentBARBOSA, Sergio S; SELMA KLANTEN, O; JONES, Hugh et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2012, Vol 159, Num 5, pp 1071-1077, issn 0025-3162, 7 p.Article

Stream benthic communities: persistent presumptions and current speculationsLAKE, P. S; BARMUTA, L. A.Monographiae biologicae. 1986, Vol 61, pp 263-276, issn 0077-0639Article

Predation and disturbance by grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio Holthuis, in soft-substratum benthic invertebrate assemblagesKNEIB, R. T.Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology. 1985, Vol 93, Num 1-2, pp 91-102, issn 0022-0981Article

Quantification du zoobenthos en tant qu'indice de modifications des communautés benthiques marinesMOKEEVA, N. P; MEZHOV, B. V.Gidrobiologičeskij žurnal (Kiev, 1965). 1986, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 28-31, issn 0375-8990Article

Nekton falls low-intensity disturbance and community structure of infaunal benthos in the deep seaSMITH, C. R.Journal of marine research. 1986, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 567-600, issn 0022-2402Article

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