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Mechanical properties of coagulated albumin and failure mechanisms of liver repaired with the use of an argon-beam coagulator with albuminMOFFITT, T. P; BAKER, D. A; KIRKPATRICK, S. J et al.Journal of biomedical materials research. 2002, Vol 63, Num 6, pp 722-728, issn 0021-9304, 7 p.Article

Second-generation argon plasma coagulation : Two-center experience with 600 patientsMANNER, Hendrik; ENDERLE, Markus D; PECH, Oliver et al.Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology. 2008, Vol 23, Num 6, pp 872-878, issn 0815-9319, 7 p.Article

Colon explosion during argon plasma coagulationMANNER, Hendrik; PLUM, Nicola; PECH, Oliver et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2008, Vol 67, Num 7, pp 1123-1127, issn 0016-5107, 5 p.Article

The solubility of argon in vitreous silicaFLORES, J. S; SHACKELFORD, J. F.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1984, Vol 68, Num 2-3, pp 327-332, issn 0022-3093Article

Histoire de deux segments de la chaîne varisque (le Plateau d'Aigurande, Massif Central français et les Vosges) à travers une étude 40A-39A. Aimantations, réaimantations tardi-hercynienne... et leur datation ou les liaisons dangereuses = History of two segments of the Variscan Belt (the Plateau d'Aigurande, French Massif Central and the Vosges) in the light of a 40Ar-39Ar investigation. Late-Hercynian magnetizations and remagnetizations... and their dating of the dangerous connectionBoutin, René; Westphal, Michel.1992, 275 p.Thesis

Increase of enamel fluoride retention by low fluence argon laser in vivoNAMMOUR, S; DEMORTIER, G; FLORIO, P et al.Lasers in surgery and medicine. 2003, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 260-263, issn 0196-8092, 4 p.Article

Preparation, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and AFM Analysis of Erbium Oxide NanocolloidPATEL, Darayas; VANCE, Calvin; KING, Newton et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2009, Vol 7212, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-7458-2, 72121F.1-72121F.8Conference Paper

Studies on surface graft polymerization of acrylic acid onto PTFE film by remote argon plasma initiationCHEN WANG; CHEN, Jie-Rong.Applied surface science. 2007, Vol 253, Num 10, pp 4599-4606, issn 0169-4332, 8 p.Article

Prophylactic argon plasma coagulation ablation does not decrease delayed postpolypectomy bleedingCHANG KYUN LEE; LEE, Suck-Ho; PARK, Ji-Young et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy (Print). 2009, Vol 70, Num 2, pp 353-361, issn 0016-5107, 9 p.Article

Mobile environmental visualizationDANADO, J; DIAS, E; ROMAO, T et al.Cartographic Journal. 2005, Vol 42, Num 1, pp 61-68, issn 0008-7041, 8 p.Article

Lunar atmospheric helium detections by the LAMP UV spectrograph on the Lunar Reconnaissance OrbiterSTERN, S. A; RETHERFORD, K. D; TSANG, C. C. C et al.Geophysical research letters. 2012, Vol 39, Num 12, issn 0094-8276, L12202.1-L12202.4Article

Etude et modélisation de la post-décharge d'une décharge micro-onde d'azote ou d'argon-azote en flux: application à l'étude d'un réacteur de nitruration de surfaces métalliques fonctionnant en post-décharge = Surfaces nitriding in the afterglow of a microwave flowing nitrogen or argon-nitrogen discharge: spectroscopic study and kinetic modelling of the flowing afterglowNormand-Chave, Carole; Marec, Jean.1991, 202 p.Thesis

New continuous wave infrared Ar-Xe laser at intermediate gas pressures pumped by a transverse radio frequency dischargeUDALOV, Y. B; PETERS, P. J. M; HEEMAN-LLIEVA, M. B et al.SPIE milestone series. 2000, Vol 159, pp 516-517, issn 1050-0529Article

The distribution of CO2 and non-radiogenic isotopes of He and Ar in the mantle materialsLOKHOV, K; LEVSKY, L.International geological congress. 1992, p.623Conference Paper

Evolution of Martian atmospheric argon : Implications for sources of volatilesHUTCHINS, K. S; JAKOSKY, B. M.Journal of geophysical research. 1996, Vol 101, Num E6, pp 14933-14950, issn 0148-0227, 17 p.Article

Endoscopic trimming of metallic stents with the use of argon plasmaCHRISTIAENS, Paul; DECOCK, Sofie; BUCHEL, Otto et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2008, Vol 67, Num 2, pp 369-371, issn 0016-5107, 3 p.Article

Effective collision strengths for fine-structure forbidden transitions in the 3p3 configuration of Ar IVZEIPPEN, C. J; BUTLER, K; LE BOURLOT, J et al.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1987, Vol 188, Num 1, pp 251-257, issn 0004-6361Article

Unit for liquefaction of argonAKULOV, L. A; BORZENKO, E. I.Chemical and petroleum engineering. 1996, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 353-355, issn 0009-2355Article

Al(2P){SiH4} complex and photoreversible oxidative addition/reductive elimination reaction Al(2P){SiH} ↔ SiH3AIH. II, Al(2P){SiH4} ↔ SiH3AIH reactionLEFCOURT, M. A; OZIN, G. A.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1991, Vol 95, Num 7, pp 2623-2628, issn 0022-3654Article

Coal sample preservation in foil multilaminate bagsGLICK, David C; MITCHELL, Gareth D; DAVIS, Alan et al.International journal of coal geology. 2005, Vol 63, Num 1-2, pp 178-189, issn 0166-5162, 12 p.Conference Paper

Argon plasma coagulation in the treatment of hemorrhagic radiation proctitis is efficient but requires a perfect colonic cleansing to be safeBEN-SOUSSAN, E; ANTONIETTI, M; SAVOYE, G et al.European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology. 2004, Vol 16, Num 12, pp 1315-1318, issn 0954-691X, 4 p.Article

Unusual complications of argon plasma coagulationPROST, Bénédicte; PONCET, Gilles; SCOAZEC, Jean Yves et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2004, Vol 59, Num 7, pp 929-932, issn 0016-5107, 4 p.Article

Selective averaging of argon laser induced pre-pain and pain related cortical responsesARENDT-NIELSEN, L; BJERRING, P.Journal of neuroscience methods. 1988, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 117-123, issn 0165-0270Article

Laser argon = Argon laserBHOGI PATEL.Spectra 2000. 1986, Vol 14, Num 111, pp 21-26, issn 0399-1172Article

GI stromal tumor unmasked by argon plasma coagulation of vascular ectasiaBARDELL, Trevor; HOOKEY, Lawrence C; JALINK, Diederick et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2004, Vol 59, Num 7, pp 920-923, issn 0016-5107, 4 p.Article

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