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Evaluating and adapting the Mediterranean diet for non-Mediterranean populations: A critical appraisalHOFFMAN, Richard; GERBER, Mariette.Nutrition reviews. 2013, Vol 71, Num 9, pp 573-584, issn 0029-6643, 12 p.Article

Better dietary compliance in patients with coeliac disease diagnosed in early childhoodHÖGBERG, L; GRODZINSKY, E; STENHAMMAR, L et al.Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology. 2003, Vol 38, Num 7, pp 751-754, issn 0036-5521, 4 p.Article

The effect of a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet on post laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss : A prospective randomized trialSWENSON, Brian R; SAALWACHTER SCHULMAN, Alison; EDWARDS, Melissa J et al.The Journal of surgical research. 2007, Vol 142, Num 2, pp 308-313, issn 0022-4804, 6 p.Conference Paper

Effects of eating an uncooked vegetable diet for 1 weekHÄNNINEN, O; NENONEN, M; WEN HUA LING et al.Appetite (Print). 1992, Vol 19, Num 3, pp 243-254, issn 0195-6663Article

Les particularités diététiques végétarisme, végétalisme, crudivorisme, macrobiotisme = Vegetarianism, veganism, crudivorism, macrobiotismDEBRY, G.La Revue du praticien (Paris). 1991, Vol 41, Num 11, pp 967-972, issn 0035-2640Article

The Mediterranean diet: The reasons for a successBONACCIO, Marialaura; IACOVIELLO, Licia; DE GAETANO, Giovanni et al.Thrombosis research. 2012, Vol 129, Num 3, pp 401-404, issn 0049-3848, 4 p.Conference Paper

Longevity and Diet. Myth or pragmatism?CHRYSOHOOU, Christina; STEFANADIS, Christodoulos.Maturitas (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 76, Num 4, pp 303-307, issn 0378-5122, 5 p.Article

Effect of Changes in the Intake of Weight of Specific Food Groups on Successful Body Weight Loss during a Multi― Dietary Strategy Intervention TrialCANFI, Ayala; GEPNER, Yftach; FRIGER, Michael et al.Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2011, Vol 30, Num 6, pp 491-501, issn 0731-5724, 11 p.Article

Dietary patterns, food groups and myocardial infarction : a case-control studyLOCKHEART, Michael S. K; STEFFEN, Lyn M; REBNORD, Hege Møklebust et al.British journal of nutrition. 2007, Vol 98, Num 2, pp 380-387, issn 0007-1145, 8 p.Article

Comparative effect of two Mediterranean diets versus a low-fat diet on glycaemic control in individuals with type 2 diabetesLASA, A; MIRANDA, J; BULLO, M et al.European journal of clinical nutrition. 2014, Vol 68, Num 7, pp 767-772, issn 0954-3007, 6 p.Article

Les régimes hypolipidiques sont-ils utiles ? : Lipides alimentaires et obésité = Are low fat diet useful for weight loss?RITZ, Patrick.OCL. Oléagineux, corps gras, lipides. 2008, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 53-55, issn 1258-8210, 3 p.Article

High 18:2 trans-fatty acids in adipose tissue are associated with increased risk of nonfatal acute myocardial infarction in Costa rican adultsBAYLIN, Ana; KABAGAMBE, Edmond K; ASCHERIO, Alberto et al.The Journal of nutrition. 2003, Vol 133, Num 4, pp 1186-1191, issn 0022-3166, 6 p.Article

Melatonin in traditional Mediterranean dietsIRITI, Marcello; VARONI, Elena M; VITALINI, Sara et al.Journal of pineal research. 2010, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 101-105, issn 0742-3098, 5 p.Article

Cancer incidence in British vegetariansKEY, T. J; APPLEBY, P. N; SPENCER, E. A et al.British journal of cancer. 2009, Vol 101, Num 1, pp 192-197, issn 0007-0920, 6 p.Article

Dietary manipulation of plasma albumin concentrationLUNN, P. G; AUSTIN, S.The Journal of nutrition. 1983, Vol 113, Num 9, pp 1791-1802, issn 0022-3166Article

Plasma essential amino acids changes in sea-bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) after feeding diets deficient and supplemented in L-methionineTHEBAULT, H.Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A. Comparative physiology. 1985, Vol 82, Num 1, pp 233-237, issn 0300-9629Article

Beneficial effect of a low-fat low-calorie diet on myocardial energy metabolism in patients with angina pectorisTHUESSEN, L; TOFTEGARD NIELSEN, T; THOMASSSEN, A et al.Lancet (British edition). 1984, Num 8394, pp 59-61, issn 0140-6736Article

Régime hypocalorique et hyperprotidique chez l'obèse: variations de la masse maigre = Variations of lean mass in response to hypocaloric hyperprotidic diet in 7 obese womenLAMISSE, F; CONSTANS, T; RIVOL, M et al.La Revue de médecine interne (Paris). 1984, Vol 5, Num 3, pp 191-199, issn 0248-8663Article

Effect of a moderately energy- and salt-reduced diet on body compartments and blood pressure control in obese men with mild hypertensionFAGERBERG, B; ISAKSSON, B; ANDERSSON, O. K et al.Acta medica Scandinavica. 1984, Vol 216, Num 4, pp 353-359, issn 0001-6101Article

Métabolisme et statut alimentaire dans des conditions d'avarie sans réserves alimentaires ou avec une ration pauvre en caloriesPOPOV, I. G; LOZINSKIJ, P. A; LATSKEVICH, A. A et al.Kosmičeskaâ biologiâ i aviakosmičeskaâ medicina. 1983, Vol 17, Num 6, pp 49-60, issn 0321-5040Article

BP changes in obese hypertensive subjects during rapid weight lossMAXWELL, M. H; KUSHIRO, T; DORNFELD, L. P et al.Archives of internal medicine (1960). 1984, Vol 144, Num 8, pp 1581-1584, issn 0003-9926Article

Identification of change-points in the relationship between food groups in the mediterranean diet and overall mortality: an 'a posteriori' approachSOFI, Francesco; ABBATE, Rosanna; GENSINI, Gian Franco et al.European journal of nutrition (Print). 2012, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 167-172, issn 1436-6207, 6 p.Article

On the Relationship of Dental Microwear to Dental MacrowearSCHMIDT, Christopher W.American journal of physical anthropology. 2010, Vol 142, Num 1, pp 67-73, issn 0002-9483, 7 p.Article

How to pack a meatless diet full of nutrientsCLARK, N.Physician and sportsmedicine. 1991, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 31-34, issn 0091-3847, 3 p.Article

Effects of liquid sucrose reward reduction on the performance of deprived and nondeprived ratsBURNS, R. A; ZIROPADJA, L; DJURIC, V et al.The Journal of general psychology. 1984, Vol 110, pp 223-228, issn 0022-1309, 2Article

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