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Uncertainty principle and uncertainty relationsUFFINK, J. B. M; HILGEVOORD, J.Foundations of physics. 1985, Vol 15, Num 9, pp 925-944, issn 0015-9018Article

Uncertainty, entropy, and the statistical mechanics of microscopic systemsBLANKENBECLER, R; PARTOVI, M. H.Physical review letters. 1985, Vol 54, Num 5, pp 373-376, issn 0031-9007Article

Network-based management of subjective judgements : a proposal accepting cyclic dependencies = Gestion à base de réseau pour les jugements subjectifs: une proposition acceptant des dépendances cycliquesBONARINI, A; CAPPELLETTI, E; CORRAO, A et al.IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. 1992, Vol 22, Num 5, pp 1008-1023, issn 0018-9472Article

Rényi formulation of the entropic uncertainty principle for POVMsRASTEGIN, Alexey E.Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Print). 2010, Vol 43, Num 15, issn 1751-8113, 155302.1-155302.9Article

Information-entropic uncertainty in the measurements of photon number and phase in optical statesABE, S.Physics letters. A. 1992, Vol 166, Num 3-4, pp 163-167, issn 0375-9601Article

Higher dimensional black hole radiation and a generalized uncertainty principleDEHGHANI, M; FARMANY, A.Physics letters. Section B. 2009, Vol 675, Num 5, pp 460-462, issn 0370-2693, 3 p.Article

Le principe d'incertitude et la philosophie des stoïciensPÉTROPOULOS, B.Diotima. 1992, Num 20, pp 154-155, issn 1010-7363Article

On the non-uniqueness of the inverse MEG problemDASSIOS, G; FOKAS, A. S; KARIOTOU, F et al.Inverse problems. 2005, Vol 21, Num 2, pp L1-L5, issn 0266-5611Article

Bohr's discussion of the fourth uncertainty relation revisitedCOSTA DE BEAUREGARD, O.Foundations of physics. 1986, Vol 16, Num 9, pp 937-939, issn 0015-9018Article

Local Heisenberg inequalitiesLEVY-LEBLOND, J.-M.Physics letters. A. 1985, Vol 111, Num 7, pp 353-355, issn 0375-9601Article

Remarque sur le principe d'Heisenberg = Remark on Heisenberg principleNOGUEZ, G.Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie. 1988, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 245-252, issn 0182-4295Article

New bounds for the uncertainty principleUFFINK, J. B. M; HILGEVOORD, J.Physics letters. A. 1984, Vol 105, Num 4-5, pp 176-178, issn 0375-9601Article

On the p-point uncertainty classVASTOLA, K. S; POOR, H. V.IEEE transactions on information theory. 1984, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 374-376, issn 0018-9448Article

Wehrl-Lieb's inequality for entropy and the uncertainty relaxationGRABOWSKI, M.Reports on mathematical physics. 1984, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 153-155, issn 0034-4877Article

Overall width, mean peak width and the uncertainty principleHILGEVOORD, J; UFFINK, J. B. M.Physics letters. A. 1983, Vol 95, Num 9, pp 474-476, issn 0375-9601Article

How is the Beads Task related to intolerance of uncertainty in anxiety disorders?JACOBY, Ryan J; ABRAMOWITZ, Jonathan S; BUCK, Benjamin E et al.Journal of anxiety disorders. 2014, Vol 28, Num 6, pp 495-503, issn 0887-6185, 9 p.Article

Concerning a quantum-like uncertainty relation for pairs of complementary fuzzy setsKAAZ, M. A.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 1987, Vol 121, Num 1, pp 273-303, issn 0022-247XArticle

Position versus momentumPRICE, J. F.Physics letters. A. 1984, Vol 105, Num 7, pp 343-345, issn 0375-9601Article

On the uncertainty principle in discrete signalsCALVEZ, L. C; VILBÉ, P.IEEE Transactions on circuits and systems. II : Analog and digital signal processing. 1992, Vol 39, Num 6, pp 394-395Article

Uncertainty principles in harmonic analysisSTRICHARTZ, R. S.Journal of functional analysis. 1989, Vol 84, Num 1, pp 97-114, issn 0022-1236Article

Generalized entropic incertainty relationsMAASSEN, H; UFFINK, J. B. M.Physical review letters. 1988, Vol 60, Num 12, pp 1103-1106, issn 0031-9007Article

Uncertainty relations and state spacesPULMANNOVA, S.Annales de l'I.H.P. Physique théorique. 1988, Vol 48, Num 4, pp 325-332, issn 0246-0211Article

Remarques sur le principe d'incertitude = Remarks on the incertitude principleHELFFER, B; NOURRIGAT, J.Journal of functional analysis. 1988, Vol 80, Num 1, pp 33-46, issn 0022-1236Article

Improvement of the Eberly-Singh time-energy inequality by combination with the Mandelstam-Tamm approachLEUBNER, C; KIENER, C.Physical review. A, General physics. 1985, Vol 31, Num 1, pp 483-485, issn 0556-2791Article

Local uncertainty inequalities for compact groupsPRICE, J. F; ALLADI SITARAM.Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 1988, Vol 103, Num 2, pp 441-447, issn 0002-9939Article

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