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Identification of mechanical properties of CuSil-steel brazed structures joints: a numerical approachNAFI, A; CHEIKH, M; MERCIER, O et al.Journal of adhesion science and technology. 2013, Vol 27, Num 24, pp 2705-2713, issn 0169-4243, 9 p.Article

Pointwise Identification of Elastic Properties in Nonlinear Hyperelastic Membranes―Part II: Experimental ValidationXUEFENG ZHAO; XIAOLIN CHEN; JIA LU et al.Journal of applied mechanics. 2009, Vol 76, Num 6, issn 0021-8936, 061014.1-061014.8Article

Proposed Modification to Whole Domain Function Specification Method to Improve Accuracy of Its EstimationsCHEN, Chao-Kuang; WU, Li-Wen; YANG, Yue-Tzu et al.Journal of heat transfer. 2008, Vol 130, Num 5, issn 0022-1481, 051702.1-051702.8Article

Experimental and numerical aspects in diffusion process characterization in tropical speciesMANFOUMBI BOUSSOUGOU, N; NGUYEN, T. A; ANGELLIER, N et al.European journal of environmental and civil engineering. 2014, Vol 18, Num 9-10, pp 963-982, issn 1964-8189, 20 p.Article

Minimizing Hot Spot Temperature in Asymmetric Gradient Coil DesignWHILE, Peter T; FORBES, Larry K; CROZIER, Stuart et al.IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering. 2011, Vol 58, Num 8, pp 2418-2425, issn 0018-9294, 8 p.Article

Experimental characterization of the thermophysical properties of composite materials by an inverse heat conduction methodPLANA, Vincent; REULET, Philippe; MILLAN, Pierre et al.Journal of composite materials. 2006, Vol 40, Num 14, pp 1247-1258, issn 0021-9983, 12 p.Article

Use of the inverse method to check the stress predictions in rough elastohydrodynamic lubrication contacts lubricated with a non-Newtonian fluid for a range of asperity geometriesHOOKE, C. J; LI, K. Y.Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part C, Journal of mechanical engineering science. 2003, Vol 217, Num 8, pp 935-944, issn 0954-4062, 10 p.Article

Tensile Behavior of T91 Steel Over a Wide Range of Temperatures and Strain-Rate Up To 104 s-1SCAPIN, M; PERONI, L; FICHERA, C et al.Journal of materials engineering and performance. 2014, Vol 23, Num 8, pp 3007-3017, issn 1059-9495, 11 p.Article

An Experimental Technique for Determining the Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Pyroclastic SoilsVALERIO NICOTERA, Marco; PAPA, Raffaele; URCIUOLI, Gianfranco et al.ASTM geotechnical testing journal. 2010, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 263-285, issn 0149-6115, 23 p.Article

Deformation Measurements and Material Property Estimation of Mouse Carotid Artery Using a Microstructure-Based Constitutive ModelJINFENG NING; SHAOWEN XU; YING WANG et al.Journal of biomechanical engineering. 2010, Vol 132, Num 12, issn 0148-0731, 121010.1-121010.13Article

System design using an inverse approach : Application to the hybrid vehicle powertrainBIDEAUX, Eric; LAFFITE, Jérome; MARQUIS-FAVRE, Wilfrid et al.Journal européen des systèmes automatisés. 2006, Vol 40, Num 3, pp 269-290, issn 1269-6935, 22 p.Article

A new Navier-Stokes inverse method based on mass-averaged tangential velocity for blade designRAHMATI, M. T.International journal for numerical methods in fluids. 2009, Vol 60, Num 3, pp 323-336, issn 0271-2091, 14 p.Article

Long-term morphodynamic evolution of estuaries : An inverse problemKARUNARATHNA, Harshinie; REEVE, Dominic; SPIVACK, Mark et al.Estuarine, coastal and shelf science (Print). 2008, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 385-395, issn 0272-7714, 11 p.Article

A numerical method of reconstructing the pollutant concentration field in a ventilated roomBRACONNIER, R; BONTHOUX, F.Annals of occupational hygiene. 2007, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 311-325, issn 0003-4878, 15 p.Article

Optimization of thermomechanical loading by the inverse methodBOGARD, Virginie; REVEL, Philippe; HETET, Yannick et al.Journal of engineering materials and technology. 2007, Vol 129, Num 2, pp 207-210, issn 0094-4289, 4 p.Article

Simulating soil water flow with root-water-uptake applying an inverse methodQIANG ZUO; LEI MENG; RENDUO ZHANG et al.Soil science. 2004, Vol 169, Num 1, pp 13-24, issn 0038-075X, 12 p.Article

Fully coupled poromechanical back analysis of the pulse test by inverse methodGIOT, Richard; GIRAUD, Albert; AUVRAY, Christophe et al.International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics (Print). 2011, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 329-359, issn 0363-9061, 31 p.Article

DETERMINATION OF ADSORPTION ISOTHERMS BY THE INVERSE METHOD WITH A FIRST ORDER REVERSIBLE REACTION OCCURRING IN BOTH PHASES OF A LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHIC COLUMNTHEDE, Gabriele; BELOW, Elke; THEDE, Richard et al.Journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies. 2010, Vol 33, Num 1-4, pp 499-512, issn 1082-6076, 14 p.Article

Identification of Mechanical Properties and Damage of Composites at the Mesoscale based on an Inverse Method Coupled with HomogenizationCHAFRA, M; SMAOUI, H; BEN ARFA, D et al.Journal of composite materials. 2010, Vol 44, Num 5, pp 529-541, issn 0021-9983, 13 p.Article

Determination of the Air/Fiber Conductivity of Mineral Wool Insulations in Building Applications Using Nonlinear Estimation MethodsVEISEH, S; HAKKAKI-FARD, A; KOWSARY, F et al.Journal of building physics (Print). 2009, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 243-260, issn 1744-2591, 18 p.Article

Détermination de l'effort de contact pantographe-caténaire par méthode inverse = Contact force measuring method on a pantograph by inverse methodBERGER, Julien; CLERC, Christian; TEPPE, Stéphane et al.Mécanique & industries. 2009, Vol 10, Num 5, pp 377-383, issn 1296-2139, 7 p.Article

Inverse Method for Determining of Permittivity in Inhomogeneous MaterialsBOUHORMA, M; GHAMMAZ, A; MAMOUNI, A et al.Ferroelectrics (Print). 2008, Vol 372, pp 100-106, issn 0015-0193, 7 p.Conference Paper

N soliton solution of integrable differential-difference equationsITO, Masashi; KONNO, Kimiaki; KAKUHATA, Hiroshi et al.Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 2005, Vol 74, Num 7, pp 1973-1979, issn 0031-9015, 7 p.Article

Détermination des paramètres hydrodynamiques des matériaux non saturés par la méthode inverse = Determination of the hydraulic parameters of unsaturated materials by the inverse methodABDALLAH, A; MASROURI, F.Revue française de géotechnique. 2005, Num 113, pp 53-64, issn 0181-0529, 12 p.Article

Estimation of an Effective Water Diffusion Coefficient During Infrared-Convective Drying of a Polymer SolutionALLANIC, N; SALAGNAC, P; GLOUANNEC, P et al.AIChE journal. 2009, Vol 55, Num 9, pp 2345-2355, issn 0001-1541, 11 p.Article

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