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Massless elementary particles in a quantum theory over a Galois fieldLEV, F. M.Theoretical and mathematical physics. 2004, Vol 138, Num 2, pp 208-225, issn 0040-5779, 18 p.Article

The landscape of additive particles—with special reference to the Cantonese sentence-final particle timLEE, Peppina Po-Lun; PAN, Hai-Hua.Lingua (Haarlem. Print). 2010, Vol 120, Num 7, pp 1777-1804, issn 0024-3841, 28 p.Article

NEUTRINOS FROM FALLBACK ONTO NEWLY FORMED NEUTRON STARSFRYER, Chris L.The Astrophysical journal. 2009, Vol 699, Num 1, pp 409-420, issn 0004-637X, 12 p., 1Article

Étude de la production des particules neutres étranges et mesure de la polarisation du lambda dans l'expérience NOMAD au CERN = Study of neutral strange particles production and measurement of the lambda polarization in the NOMAD experiment at CERNLachaud, Cyril; Vannucci, François.2000, 214 p.Thesis

Observations of 4He++ ions in the solar windYERMOLAEV, YU. I.Kosmičeskie issledovaniâ. 1994, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 93-125, issn 0023-4206Article

Strange quark matter in a strong magnetic fieldSOMENATH CHAKRABARTY.Astrophysics and space science. 1994, Vol 213, Num 1, pp 121-129, issn 0004-640XArticle

The diffuse emission of neutrinos from young pulsars in the galaxyJIANG, Z. J; CHEN, S. B; ZHANG, L et al.The Astrophysical journal. 2007, Vol 667, Num 2, pp 1059-1062, issn 0004-637X, 4 p., 1Article

Rapidity distributions around mid-rapidity of strange particles in Pb-Pb collisions at 158 A GeV/cJournal of physics. G. Nuclear and particle physics (Print). 2005, Vol 31, Num 11, pp 1345-1357, issn 0954-3899, 13 p.Article

Phénoménologie et Recherche de Squarks à LEP200 avec le détecteur DELPHI = Squarks decays and searches at LEP200 with the DELPHI detectorGris, Philippe; Chauveau, Jacques.1998, 255 p.Thesis

Measurement of the lifetimes of charged and neutral beauty hadronsKODAMA, K; USHIDA, N; LIPTON, R. J et al.Progress of theoretical physics. 1993, Vol 89, Num 3, pp 679-696, issn 0033-068XArticle

Detection of a Neutrino Signal from SN 1987A on February 23, 1987 at 7:35 UT : Data from the Baksan Underground Scintillation TelescopeALEXEYEV, E. N; ALEXEYEVA, L. N.Astronomy letters (Print). 2008, Vol 34, Num 11, pp 745-752, issn 1063-7737, 8 p.Article

Neutrinos : la course des phénoménologistes = Neutrinos : phenomenologists join the raceBARUCH, Jacques-Olivier.Recherche (Paris, 1970). 2001, Num 345, pp 18-19, issn 0029-5671Article

Non-abelian gauge structure in neutrino mixingBLASONE, Massimo; DI MAURO, Marco; VITIELLO, Giuseppe et al.Physics letters. Section B. 2011, Vol 697, Num 3, pp 238-245, issn 0370-2693, 8 p.Article

Search for High-Energy Neutrinos in the Baikal Neutrino ExperimentAVRORIN, A. V; AYNUTDINOV, V. M; GRES, T. I et al.Astronomy letters (Print). 2009, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 651-662, issn 1063-7737, 12 p.Article

Perspective neutrino astrophysics experiments beneath the sea and ice : Particle astrophysicsHALZEN, Francis.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2007, Vol 315, Num 5808, pp 66-68, issn 0036-8075, 3 p.Article

Modelling self-assembling of colloid particles in multilayered structuresADAMCZYK, Zbigniew; WERONSKI, Paweł; BARBASZ, Jakub et al.Applied surface science. 2007, Vol 253, Num 13, pp 5776-5780, issn 0169-4332, 5 p.Conference Paper

On One Group of Experimental Results Related to the Search for Neutrino Radiation from SN 1987A: CommentaryDADYKIN, V. L; RYAZHSKAYA, O. G.Astronomy letters (Print). 2009, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 384-387, issn 1063-7737, 4 p.Article

Pulsar Natal Kick Via Neutrino-Triggered Magnetorotational AsymmetryKUZNETSOV, A. V; MIKHEEV, N. V.Astronomy letters (Print). 2012, Vol 38, Num 7, pp 436-442, issn 1063-7737, 7 p.Article

Charged lepton contributions to bipair neutrino mixingKITABAYASHI, Teruyuki; YASUE, Masaki.Physics letters. Section B. 2012, Vol 713, Num 3, pp 206-210, issn 0370-2693, 5 p.Article

Can apparent superluminal neutrino speeds be explained as a quantum weak measurement?BERRY, M. V; BRUNNER, N; POPESCU, S et al.Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Print). 2011, Vol 44, Num 49, issn 1751-8113, 492001.1-492001.14Article

Superluminal neutrinos and extra dimensions: Constraints from the null energy conditionGUBSER, Steven S.Physics letters. Section B. 2011, Vol 705, Num 3, pp 279-281, issn 0370-2693, 3 p.Article

Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from hypothetical quark novaeOUYED, R; KERÄNEN, P; MAALAMPI, J et al.The Astrophysical journal. 2005, Vol 626, Num 1, pp 389-395, issn 0004-637X, 7 p., 1Article

A robust particle position controller for an electrodynamic chamberBAUM, D; HAR-NOV, Y; GUTERMAN, H et al.Review of scientific instruments. 1993, Vol 64, Num 12, pp 3627-3633, issn 0034-6748Article

A shift from democratic to tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing with relatively large θ13XING, Zhi-Zhong.Physics letters. Section B. 2011, Vol 696, Num 3, pp 232-236, issn 0370-2693, 5 p.Article

Comparing trimaximal mixing and its variants with deviations from tri-bimaximal mixingALBRIGHT, Carl H; RODEJOHANN, Werner.European physical journal. C, Particles and fields (Print). 2009, Vol 62, Num 3, pp 599-608, issn 1434-6044, 10 p.Article

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