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Data refinement and singleton failures refinement are not equivalentREEVES, Steve; STREADER, David.Formal aspects of computing. 2008, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 295-301, issn 0934-5043, 7 p.Article

Grain refinement in as-cast AZ80 Mg alloy under large strain deformationGUO, Q; YAN, H. G; CHEN, Z. H et al.Materials characterization. 2007, Vol 58, Num 2, pp 162-167, issn 1044-5803, 6 p.Article

Effect of friction stir processing on the fatigue properties of a Zr-modified 2014 aluminium alloyCAVALIERE, P.Materials characterization. 2006, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 100-104, issn 1044-5803, 5 p.Article

A-posteriori error estimation in axixymmetric geotechnical analysesEL-HAMALAWI, A; BOLTON, M. D.Computers and geotechnics. 2002, Vol 29, Num 8, pp 587-607, issn 0266-352X, 21 p.Article

Architecture-directed refinementROMAN, G.-C; WILCOX, C. D.IEEE transactions on software engineering. 1994, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 239-258, issn 0098-5589Article

Deposition behavior and microstructural development of TiNi powder particles in low temperature-HVOF spraying processLIN, Q. S; ZHOU, K. S; DENG, C. M et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 283, pp 352-359, issn 0169-4332, 8 p.Article

Unity properties and sequences of states, some observationsUDINK, R. T; KOK, J. N.Information processing letters. 1993, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 307-311, issn 0020-0190Article

Characterisation of Sm-Co-Sn alloysZAIGHAM, Hamid; AHMAD KHALID, F.Materials characterization. 2010, Vol 61, Num 11, pp 1274-1280, issn 1044-5803, 7 p.Article

The role of grain orientation in microstructure evolution of pure aluminum processed by equal channel angular pressingHOSEINI, Majid; MERATIAN, Mahmood; TOROGHINEJAD, Mohammad R et al.Materials characterization. 2010, Vol 61, Num 12, pp 1371-1378, issn 1044-5803, 8 p.Article

Grain refinement and grain coarsening of undercooled Fe-Co alloyNING LIU; GENCANG YANG; FENG LIU et al.Materials characterization. 2006, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 115-120, issn 1044-5803, 6 p.Article

Grain refinement of an AZ63B magnesium alloy by an A1-1C master alloyPAN YICHUAN; LIU XIANGFA; YANG HUA et al.Zeitschrift für Metallkunde. 2005, Vol 96, Num 12, pp 1398-1403, issn 0044-3093, 6 p.Article

Microstructure characterization of Cu processed by compression with oscillatory torsionRODAK, K; PAWLICKI, J.Materials characterization. 2014, Vol 94, pp 37-45, issn 1044-5803, 9 p.Article

Effect of ECAP processing on corrosion resistance of AE21 and AE42 magnesium alloysMINARIK, P; KRAL, R; JANECEK, M et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 281, pp 44-48, issn 0169-4332, 5 p.Conference Paper

Grain refinement of Fe75Ni25 alloys at low undercoolingCHEN, Y. Z; LIU, F; YANG, G. C et al.Materials characterization. 2008, Vol 59, Num 4, pp 412-416, issn 1044-5803, 5 p.Article

The least conjunctive refinement and promotion in the refinement calculusMAHONY, B. P.Formal aspects of computing. 1999, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 75-105, issn 0934-5043Article

Design of an Ideal Grain-Refiner Alloy for AI-7Si Alloy Using Artificial Neural NetworksREDDY, N. S; PRASADA RAO, A. K; KRISHNAIAH, J et al.Journal of materials engineering and performance. 2013, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 696-699, issn 1059-9495, 4 p.Article

Irish passenger transport: Data refinements, international comparisons, and decomposition analysisJENNINGS, Mark; GALLACHOIR, Brian P. O; SCHIPPER, Lee et al.Energy policy. 2013, Vol 56, pp 151-164, issn 0301-4215, 14 p.Article

What does it mean to be a girl with qizhi? : Refinement, gender and language ideologies in contemporary TaiwanSU, Hsi-Yao.Journal of sociolinguistics (Print). 2008, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 334-358, issn 1360-6441, 25 p.Article

A fuzzy-related thesaurus for query refinementHUILIN YE; HANCHANG LIU.Neural processing letters. 2004, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 97-107, issn 1370-4621, 11 p.Article

Efficient finite element analysis using mesh superposition techniqueJIN WOO PARKA; JAE WOONG HWANG; YONG HYUP KIM et al.Finite elements in analysis and design. 2003, Vol 39, Num 7, pp 619-638, issn 0168-874X, 20 p.Article

An analysis of refinement in an abortive paradigmDEUTSCH, Moshe; HENSON, Martin C.Formal aspects of computing. 2006, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 329-363, issn 0934-5043, 35 p.Conference Paper

Model-based specificationBIJLSMA, Lex.Information processing letters. 2001, Vol 77, Num 2-4, pp 77-84, issn 0020-0190Article

Effect of interfacial oxidation occurring during the duplex process combining surface nanocrystallisation and co-rollingWALTZ, L; RETRAINT, D; ROOS, A et al.Surface & coatings technology. 2011, Vol 205, Num 19, pp 4608-4613, issn 0257-8972, 6 p.Article

Effect of thermo hydrogen treatment on lattice defects and microstructure refinement of Ti6Al4V alloyJINGWEI ZHAO; HUA DING; YURONG ZHONG et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2010, Vol 35, Num 12, pp 6448-6454, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Article

Research on solidification structure refinement of pure aluminum by electric current pulse with parallel electrodesJIE LI; JIANHONG MA; YULAI GAO et al.Materials science & engineering. A, Structural materials : properties, microstructure and processing. 2008, Vol 490, Num 1-2, pp 452-456, issn 0921-5093, 5 p.Article

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