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Brownian sampling in an unbounded spaceVELEGOL, Darrell.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2004, Vol 274, Num 1, pp 334-336, issn 0021-9797, 3 p.Article

Some useful notes on simple random samplingWRIGHT, T; TSAO, H.Journal of quality technology. 1985, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 67-73, issn 0022-4065Article

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Ordered random selection without replacementBISSELL, A. F.Applied statistics. 1986, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 73-75, issn 0035-9254Article

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On some properties of variable size simple random sampling and a limit theoremWRIGHT, T.Communications in statistics. Theory and methods. 1988, Vol 17, Num 9, pp 2997-3016, issn 0361-0926Article

Application of geometric programming to optimum allocation problems in multivariate doubling samplingJAVED AHMED; BONHAM, C. D.Applied mathematics and computation. 1987, Vol 21, Num 2, pp 157-169, issn 0096-3003Article

An Extension of Sampford's Method for Unequal Probability SamplingBONDESSON, Lennart; GRAFSTROM, Anton.Scandinavian journal of statistics. 2011, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 377-392, issn 0303-6898, 16 p.Article

On multistage ranked set sampling for distribution and median estimationMOHAMMAD FRAIWAN AL-SALEH; MONJED HISHAM SAMUH.Computational statistics & data analysis. 2008, Vol 52, Num 4, pp 2066-2078, issn 0167-9473, 13 p.Article

Progressive random sampling with stratificationDE LOS SANTOS, Plinio A; BURKE, Richard J; TIEN, James M et al.IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part C, Applications and reviews. 2007, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 1223-1230, issn 1094-6977, 8 p.Article

A note on resolution of Godambe's paradoxJOSHI, V. M.Statistics & probability letters. 1987, Vol 5, Num 4, issn 0167-7152, 241Article

Godambe's paradox and the ancillarity principleBHAVE, S. V.Statistics & probability letters. 1987, Vol 5, Num 4, pp 243-246, issn 0167-7152Article

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On an optimal solution for maximizing the probability of retention in PPS samplingWRIGHT, T; TSAO, H.Linear algebra and its applications. 1985, Vol 67, pp 67-80, issn 0024-3795Article

Horvitz-Thompson strategy vs. stratified random sampling strategyRAO, T. J.Journal of statistical planning and inference. 1983, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 43-50, issn 0378-3758Article

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