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Surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate from magnetite nanoparticles at ambient temperatureRAGHURAMAN, G. K; DHAMODHARAN, R.Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology (Print). 2006, Vol 6, Num 7, pp 2018-2024, issn 1533-4880, 7 p.Article

Synthesis and conformational characterization of functional di-block copolymer brushes for microarray technologyCARLO, Gabriele Di; DAMIN, Francesco; ARMELAO, Lidia et al.Applied surface science. 2012, Vol 258, Num 8, pp 3750-3756, issn 0169-4332, 7 p.Article

Polypeptoids: A Perfect Match for Molecular Definition and Macromolecular Engineering?LUXENHOFER, Robert; FETSCH, Corinna; GROSSMANN, Arlett et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2013, Vol 51, Num 13, pp 2731-2752, issn 0887-624X, 22 p.Article

Responsive and Patterned Polymer BrushesWELCH, M. Elizabeth; OBER, Christopher K.Journal of polymer science. Part B. Polymer physics. 2013, Vol 51, Num 20, pp 1457-1472, issn 0887-6266, 16 p.Article

Polymer Brushes by Nitroxide-Mediated PolymerizationBRINKS, Marion K; STUDER, Armido.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2009, Vol 30, Num 13, pp 1043-1057, issn 1022-1336, 15 p.Article

Surface-initiated controlled polymerization as a convenient method for designing functional polymer brushes: From self-assembled monolayers to patterned surfacesOLIVIER, Aurore; MEYER, Franck; RAQUEZ, Jean-Marie et al.Progress in polymer science. 2012, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 157-181, issn 0079-6700, 25 p.Article

Modification of indium-tin oxide (ITO) glass with aziridine provides a surface of high amine densityCHANG OK KIM; HONG, Sun-Young; KIM, Minju et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2004, Vol 277, Num 2, pp 499-504, issn 0021-9797, 6 p.Article

Polymer brushes in nanopores surrounded by silicon-supported tris(trimethylsiloxy)silyl monolayersHAVEN, Voravee P; SRINANTHAKUL, Mayuree; IWASAKI, Yasuhiko et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2007, Vol 314, Num 2, pp 446-459, issn 0021-9797, 14 p.Article

Induction heating of novel thermoresponsive ferrofluidsSCHMIDT, Annette M.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2005, Vol 289, pp 5-8, issn 0304-8853, 4 p.Conference Paper

Encapsulation of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with poly(methyl methacrylate) via surface functionalized thiol-lactam initiated radical polymerizationLONG GIANG BACH; RAFIQUL ISLAM, Md; JONG TAE KIM et al.Applied surface science. 2012, Vol 258, Num 7, pp 2959-2966, issn 0169-4332, 8 p.Article

Photoinitiated synthesis of grafted polymersDYER, Daniel J.Advances in polymer science. 2006, Vol 197, pp 47-65, issn 0065-3195, 19 p.Article

Polymer brushes by anionic and cationic surface-initiated polymerization (SIP)ADVINCULA, Rigoberto.Advances in polymer science. 2006, Vol 197, pp 107-136, issn 0065-3195, 30 p.Article

Tailor-Made Hybrid Nanostructure of Poly(ethyl acrylate)/ Clay by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationDATTA, Haimanti; BHOWMICK, Anil K; SINGHA, Nikhil K et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2008, Vol 46, Num 15, pp 5014-5027, issn 0887-624X, 14 p.Article

Synthesis of Well-Defined Polymer Brushes on the Surface of Zinc Antimonate Nanoparticles Through Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationSHANMUGHARAJ, A. M; WON SEOK CHOI; SUNG HUN RYU et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2010, Vol 48, Num 22, pp 5092-5099, issn 0887-624X, 8 p.Article

Surface-Initiated PLP-SEC of Butyl Acrylate and Styrene from Silica NanoparticlesaROTZOLL, Robert; VANA, Philipp.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2009, Vol 30, Num 23, pp 1989-1994, issn 1022-1336, 6 p.Article

Surface-initiated nitroxide-mediated polymerization : a tool for hybrid inorganic/organic nanocomposites 'in situ' synthesisGHANNAM, Leïla; PARVOLE, Julien; LARUELLE, Gael et al.Polymer international. 2006, Vol 55, Num 10, pp 1199-1207, issn 0959-8103, 9 p.Article

Crosslinked PS-DVB microspheres with sulfonated polystyrene brushes as new generation of ion exchange resinsOZER, Ozlem; INCE, Ahmet; KARAGOZ, Bunyamin et al.Desalination (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 309, pp 141-147, issn 0011-9164, 7 p.Article

Fluoropolymer materials and architectures prepared by controlled radical polymerizationsHANSEN, Natanya M. L; JANKOVA, Katja; HVILSTED, Søren et al.European polymer journal. 2007, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 255-293, issn 0014-3057, 39 p.Article

Molecularly imprinted polymer thin films on quartz crystal microbalance using a surface bound photo-radical initiatorPIACHAM, Theeraphon; JOSELL, Visa; ARWIN, Hans et al.Analytica chimica acta. 2005, Vol 536, Num 1-2, pp 191-196, issn 0003-2670, 6 p.Article

Hyperbranching polymerization of aziridine on silica solid substrates leading to a surface of highly dense reactive amine groupsCHANG OK KIM; SUNG JU CHO; JOON WON PARK et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2003, Vol 260, Num 2, pp 374-378, issn 0021-9797, 5 p.Article

Photocaged Pendent Thiol Polymer Brush Surfaces for Postpolymerization Modifications via Thiol-Click ChemistryHENSARLING, Ryan M; HOFF, Emily A; LEBLANC, Arthur P et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2013, Vol 51, Num 5, pp 1079-1090, issn 0887-624X, 12 p.Article

Preparation of Polymer Hollow Microspheres Covered by Polymer Solid Particles via Two Polymerization StepsYONGLIANG ZHAO; GUANNAN YIN; ZHENG ZHENG et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2011, Vol 49, Num 24, pp 5257-5269, issn 0887-624X, 13 p.Article

Influence of magadiite dispersion states on the flammability of polystyrene and polyphenylene ether-polystyrene alloy nanocompositesYUKUTAKE, Hideaki; KOBAYASHI, Motoyasu; OTSUKA, Hideyuki et al.Polymer journal. 2010, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 223-231, issn 0032-3896, 9 p.Article

Thermally Induced Fixed Diradical Generation on Solid Supports for Surface-Initiated PolymerizationGURE, Baris; BICAK, Niyazi.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2012, Vol 50, Num 17, pp 3575-3579, issn 0887-624X, 5 p.Article

A facile strategy for the functionalization of poly[cyclotriphosphazene-co-(4,4'- sulfonyldiphenol)] materialsWEI LIU; JING JIN; XIAOBIN HUANG et al.Polymer international. 2010, Vol 59, Num 9, pp 1252-1257, issn 0959-8103, 6 p.Article

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