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Performance evaluation of solar-assisted air-conditioning system with chilled water storage (CIESOL building)ROSIEK, Sabina; BATLLES GARRIDO, Francisco Javier.Energy conversion and management. 2012, Vol 55, pp 81-92, issn 0196-8904, 12 p.Article

Degradation patterns of different adhesives and bonding proceduresHASHIMOTO, Masanori; OHNO, Hiroki; SANO, Hidehiko et al.Journal of biomedical materials research. 2003, Vol 66B, Num 1, pp 324-330, issn 0021-9304, 7 p.Article

SEM and TEM analysis of water degradation of human dentinal collagenHASHIMOTO, Masanori; TAY, Franklin R; OHNO, Hiroki et al.Journal of biomedical materials research. 2003, Vol 66B, Num 1, pp 287-298, issn 0021-9304, 12 p.Article

Stochastic model of finite storage processes : Input with finite supportFOX, D; ZARMI, Y; ZEMEL, A et al.International conference on stochastic and statistical methods in hydrology end environmental engineering. 1994, pp 255-268Conference Paper

Rainwater harvesting on the sea: a new sustainable water resourceSU, Charles Q.Water international. 2010, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 779-785, issn 0250-8060, 7 p.Article

Numerical simulation of three-dimensional flow dynamics in a hot water storage tankLEVERS, Simon; WENXIAN LIN.Applied energy. 2009, Vol 86, Num 12, pp 2604-2614, issn 0306-2619, 11 p.Article

Outcrop coal barrier design parameters to prevent a sudden discharge of impounded mine waterSZWILSKI, T. B.International Symposium on Engineering Geology and the EnvironmentSymposium internationale de la géologie de l'ingénieur et l'environnement. 1997, pp 2533-2536, isbn 90-5410-877-0Conference Paper

Effects of surface water storage by soil roughness on overland-flow generationDARBOUX, F; GASCUEL-ODOUX, C; DAVY, P et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2002, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 223-233, issn 0197-9337Article

Evolution of glacial lakes from the Northern Patagonia Icefield and terrestrial water storage in a sea-level rise contextLORIAUX, Thomas; CASASSA, Gino.Global and planetary change (Print). 2013, Vol 102, pp 33-40, issn 0921-8181, 8 p.Article

Characterization of spatio-temporal patterns for various GRACE- and GLDAS-born estimates for changes of global terrestrial water storageTAO YANG; CHAO WANG; ZHONGBO YU et al.Global and planetary change (Print). 2013, Vol 109, pp 30-37, issn 0921-8181, 8 p.Article

Evaluation of time stability indices for soil water storage upscalingWEI HU; TALLON, Lindsay K; BING CHENG SI et al.Journal of hydrology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 475, pp 229-241, issn 0022-1694, 13 p.Article

Hourly energy analysis and feasibility study of employing a thermocline TES system for an integrated CHP and DH networkSAEED MOSTAFAVI TEHRANI, S; SAFFAR-AVVAL, Majid; SAHAND BEHBOODI KALHORI et al.Energy conversion and management. 2013, Vol 68, pp 281-292, issn 0196-8904, 12 p.Article

Access to water in a Nairobi slum: women's work and institutional learningCROW, Ben; ODABA, Edmond.Water international. 2010, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 733-747, issn 0250-8060, 15 p.Article

Effect of obstacles on thermal stratification in hot water storage tanksALTUNTOP, Necdet; ARSLAN, Mevlut; OZCEYHAN, Veysel et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2005, Vol 25, Num 14-15, pp 2285-2298, issn 1359-4311, 14 p.Article

Experimental analysis of moisture dynamics of litter layers: the effects of rainfall conditions and leaf shapesSATO, Yoshinobu; KUMAGAI, Tomo'Omi; KUME, Atsushi et al.Hydrological processes. 2004, Vol 18, Num 16, pp 3007-3018, issn 0885-6087, 12 p.Article

Soil water repellency in a Japanese cypress plantation restricts increases in soil water storage during rainfall events : Soil water repellency: origin, environmental controls and hydrological impactsKOBAYASHI, Masahiro; SHIMIZU, Takanori.Hydrological processes. 2007, Vol 21, Num 17, pp 2356-2364, issn 0885-6087, 9 p.Article

Aspects of water storage in the Sahel = Aspects du stockage de l'eau au SahelKRAPP, L; KOEHLER, H.J.Colloquium on African geology. 14. 1987, pp 417-418Conference Paper

Tanking up on waterWorld water. 1990, pp 36-38, issn 0140-9050, 2 p.Article

Use of natural underground reservoirs for control of surface runoff = Utilisation de réservoirs souterrains pour le contrôle de l'écoulement de surfaceKARUK, B. P; ALIFEROV, A. N.Water resources. 1983, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 169-171, issn 0097-8078Article

Diagnostic Curve for Confined Aquifer Parameters from Early DrawdownsSINGH, Sushil K.Journal of irrigation and drainage engineering. 2008, Vol 134, Num 4, pp 515-520, issn 0733-9437, 6 p.Article

A parameterised equation to estimate soil hydraulic conductivity in the fieldREICHARDT, K; TIMM, L. C; BACCHI, O. O. S et al.Australian journal of soil research. 2004, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 283-287, issn 0004-9573, 5 p.Article

Capacitive effect of cavitation in xylem conduits : results from a dynamic modelHÖLTTÄ, Teemu; COCHARD, Herve; NIKINMAA, Eero et al.Plant, cell and environment (Print). 2009, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 10-21, issn 0140-7791, 12 p.Article

The use of modelling to predict the behaviour of ASR systemsSTREETLY, M. J.TISAR 98 : International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Groundwater. 1998, pp 263-267, isbn 90-5809-017-5Conference Paper

Freilegung des Grundablasses des Stausees Bolgenach der Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG = Uncovering the bottom drain of the Bolgenach storage lake of the Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AGVRIENS, W.Mitteilungen der Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie an der Eidgenossischen Technischen Hochschule Zurich. 1996, Num 143, pp 93-101, issn 0374-0056Conference Paper

Groundwater recharge and wells. A guide to aquifer storage recoveryPYNE, R. David G.1995, 376 p., isbn 1-56670-097-3Book

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