Pascal and Francis Bibliographic Databases


© Jérôme CHATIN / CNRS Photothèque.
Mathematical equations on a blackboard in the framework of mathematics research, and notably of a new branch of mathematics, non-commutative geometry.



© Jean-Claude MOSCHETTI / INSU / IRAM / CNRS Photothèque.
Antennas of the Plateau de Bure interferometer in the French Hautes-Alpes.




© Cyril FRESILLON/CNRS Photothèque.
Bottles of solvents and aqueous solutions commonly used in organic chemistry.




© Cyril FRESILLON/CNRS Photothèque.
Change of the metal tip, before the study of a graphene sample on silicon carbide in an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunnel microscope.



© Claude DELHAYE/CNRS Photothèque.
Shooting of a film about the creation of a replica of the Vallon-Pont-d’Arc cave (so-called Chauvet cave).




Cryomodules containing the superconducting accelerating cavities of the SPIRAL LINAC (LINear Accelerator).



© Michel GIRAUD-AUDINE / CNRS Guyane / CNRS Photothèque.
Golden-headed manakin, “Dixiphia erythrocephala”, in Guyana’s Forest.




© Hubert RAGUET / TIMC-IMAG / CNRS Photothèque.
Implantable enzymatic biopile, a device generating current exclusively from glucose and oxygen naturally and constantly present in the body.