Pascal and Francis Bibliographic Databases

Advanced Search

The Advanced search function allows a more precise targeting of results:

  • by searching on several fields, by combining queries, using boolean operators “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”
  • by taking advantage of the structuring of data around various indexes
  • by filtering the results of a first research with one or more criteria (facets)
  • by combining various searches recorded in the search history.

By clicking on the Advanced search menu, indexes can be selected in the query builder, through the drop-down list.

The indexes are the following:

  • All fields
  • Title
  • Author
  • Affiliation
  • Conference
  • Author Country
  • Keywords
  • Publication Year
  • Journal
  • ISBN/ISSN/Coden
  • Identifier
  • Publisher
  • Document Type
  • Language
  • Discipline
  • Classification
  • Classification Code
  • Origin

The index Keyword gathers the French, English and Spanish descriptors. The index Identifier allows to query all the identifiers, regardless of their type.
Enter one or more search terms in the first line of the query builder.
Enter your search terms in the second Find field.
Choose a search operator (AND, OR, or NOT) to combine the terms of the two Find fields.
You can enter other search operator, terms and index in the third Find field.
If you need additional rows, click the + button.
To delete a row, click the button.

Once you have entered all the terms of your query, click on the See the results button.
In the results page, the results display order is set either by relevance or by year of publication (Option Sort by).
On the left appears a list of criteria (the facets), allowing to fine tune the results.

For further information, see : Refining the Results by Means of Facets

Search history – Combinatory search

Each search is stored and an history of your various queries is recorded for the time of your session. For archiving your queries, you will need to create an account.

You can combine your searches: click on the identifier of each selected query (#n), then choose the search operator.
The numbers of the selected requests will appear in the Combinatory search entry field.

Click on the button Combine.
The results page appears, and this new search is incorporated into the search history.
It is also possible to delete, a query from the search history by clicking on its identifier, or the overall search history by clicking on the Clear All button.

For the formulation of a query in a field, see : Simple Search