Pascal and Francis Bibliographic Databases

Exporting some results

Export of records
You can export either the record displayed on the screen, or a set of records from the results list.

Just click on the Export button, select the desired format, then click on the Export button on the right of the drop-down list.

To export several records, you can tick individual items of the list of results, choose a span (item 15 to 25, for example) or select all the items responding to the query. You may also select records while displaying the full records (click on the SELECT button at the bottom), but you need to return to the result list in order to export your selection.

Pascal and Francis Bibliographic Databases website provides 6 export formats:

  • Summary (Text)
  • RIS
  • Bibtex
  • XML Dublin Core
  • TEI
  • MODS extended

Export of a classification scheme
It is also possible to export:

  • the complete classification scheme of a given domain with the button on the right of Pascal Classification Scheme or Francis Classification Scheme
  • or parts of a scheme

To export only a part of a classification scheme, you must begin to display it by clicking on the small icon picto-oeil situated on the right of the title. When the part of the classification scheme to be exported is displayed, you just have to click on the button on the right of its title.
Available formats are:

  • N-Triples
  • N3

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